Newcastle has always been a popular place for busking. There are plenty of pitches and many people are happy to listen to street performers. The City Council is happy to have buskers because they liven up the streets. However complaints can arise if the volume, duration and frequency of the noise is excessive for residents or local businesses. 

Anyone disturbed by loud, continued or repeated singing or playing of musical instruments may ask a busker to stop - refusal to do so is an offence against local byelaws. When you make a complaint to the council, officers will respond as soon as possible in order to assess the level of disturbance within your premises and talk to the buskers on your behalf.

Advice for buskers

Responsible buskers are welcomed by the City Council.   

Local byelaws mean buskers can be asked to stop on request if the council or police receive a complaint. Please note that drumming is not supported by the council.

Anybody may ask a busker to stop if they are disturbed by:

  • loud, continued or repeated singing
  • playing instruments or amplifiers

Refusal to stop is an offence against the local bylaws. Please see our Buskers Code of Practice (pdf, 534 kb) for more information.

Contact us

For further information, please contact the Commercial Team, Public Safety and Regulation, City of Newcastle upon Tyne, Civic Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8QH. 
Phone: 0191 2787878 Email:

Page last updated: 
8 November 2017
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