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Canopy - Cate Watkinson
Confluence - Sue Woolhouse & Jim Roberts
Seats with a View - Bridget Jones, David Edwick & Tim Kendall
Steenberg's Glass - Sue Woolhouse, Bridget Jones, Effie Burns & Gavin Marshall
Stepney Bank Stable Gates - Fiona Gray
Sundial Sculpture - Helen Laws & Jane Gower
Time To... - Cate Watkinson
Waymarkers - Lewis Robinson
Wire Horses - Daniel Reed


Canopy - Cate Watkinson 2000Canopy, Sailors Bethel by Cate Watkinson

Location - Sailors Bethel Quayside
Materials - Etched Glass
Commissioned by - Art on the Riverside Weather Vanes Project

An etched glass canopy located over the entrance to the building. The artist developed the ideas included in the work with the children of Byker Primary School.

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Confluence - Sue Woolhouse & Jim Roberts 1999Confluence by Sue Woolhouse & Jim Roberts

Location - Mariners Wharf
Materials - Steel and Glass
Commissioned by - Art on the Riverside

Confluence is two steel panels, interlinked with a forged metal fish, housing coloured glass inserted within the framework, and protected within a double glazed unit and strong wire mesh. The idea was arrived at through an original artwork depicting fish and children in Christ Church Nursery garden. This artwork represents the coming together of two rivers to form a large river.

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Seats with a View - Bridget Jones, David Edwick & Tim KendallSeats with a View by Bridget Jones, David Edwick & Tim Kendall

Location - Cumberland Arms & St. Anns, Ouseburn
Materials - Stone
Commissioned by - Ouseburn Art Project

A circle of seats and stone blocks tell story fragments by Chris Bostock and Malcolm Green - storytellers based at the Cumberland Arms. The sword dancers and fiddle players, who also meet at the pub, suggested the motifs carved into the stones. Local children have helped to design the flowers carved into the seats and the lettering on the standing stone, which tells us we are on “The Grassy Hill”.

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Steenberg’s Glass - Sue Woolhouse, Bridget Jones, Effie Burns & Gavin MarshallSteenberg's Glass by Sue Woolhouse, Bridget Jones, Effie Burns & Gavin Marshall

Location - Steenberg’s Building, Ouseburn Valley
Materials - Stained Glass
Commissioned by - Ouseburn Art Project

Four glass artists from the workshops opposite at 36 Lime Street, have designed and produced four windows for the stairwells in the building. The theme was co-operation reflecting the building’s origins as the Newcastle Co-Operative Society. The finished windows bring images from the rich heritage of the Ouseburn.

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Stepney Bank Stable Gates - Fiona Gray 2000Stepney Bank Stable Gates by Fiona Gray

Location - Stepney Bank Stables
Materials - Laser-cut Steel
Commissioned by - Ouseburn Art Project

Fiona drew her inspiration from the tack used at the stables and incorporated a curved top, just one of her stunning trademarks. In keeping with her own style, the Stepney Bank Stable Gates are coloured in light and dark blues with a copper centre. Fiona incorporated the ideas of local stable users into her scheme in a window grill. This evolved through workshops ran by Fiona at the stables using old horseshoes to create patterns.

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Sundial Sculpture - Helen Laws & Jane Gower 1999Sundial Sculpture by Helen Laws & Jane Gower

Location - Ouseburn Water Sports Association Building Gable End Materials - Perspex
Commissioned by - Art on the Riverside

The work is mounted on the gable end of the Ouseburn Water Sports Associations new building. Based on the idea of a sundial the work is fabricated in perspex and contains images of navigational instruments. The work took inspiration from time spent by the artists in Atkinson Road Nursery.

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Time To... - Cate Watkinson 2006Photograph of 'Time To...' by Cate Watkinson

Location - Lime Square, City Road
Materials - Stainless Steel, Glass
Commissioned by -  Metier, Newcastle City Council & The Sponsors Club

This land mark piece, reflects the energy and immediacy of the city in sparkling stainless steel, glass and light, acting as a link between the city, the Eastern Quayside and east end, bringing the two sides of the Ouseburn valley closer together.

With its frosted glass surface and its curved stainless steel facing towards the river in a rising open V shape, the piece makes reference to the V shape of the Ouseburn Valley. The asymmetrical top reflects the triangular shapes made by the silhouette of the Byker Wall against the skyline, making a link between one side of the valley and the other.

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Waymarkers - Lewis Robinson 2002Waymarkers by Lewis Robinson

Location - Throughout the Ouseburn Valley
Materials - Steel, Glass
Commissioned by - The Ouseburn Partnership

The project comprises a series of Waymarkers designed to highlight the main routes through the valley, to encourage more walkers and cyclists to use the area. The Waymarkers draw on local history and culture for their inspiration and are interconnected by a trail of bottles marking the route through the valley. Lewis Robinson worked closely with the partnership and community to develop the project.

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Wire Horses - Daniel Reed 2002Wire Horses by Daniel Reed

Location - Attached to a wall on 51 Lime Street Ouseburn
Materials - Galvanised Steel
Commissioned by - Ouseburn Trust

Apparently emerging from the wall, the horses are depicted using a wire frame. The relevance of the horses is that the building houses a riding arena for the Stepney Bank Stables. This is on the first storey of 51 Lime Street.

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