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Canopy Lighting - Simon Watkinson
Cardinal Hume Monument - Nigel Boonham
Chinese Arch - Yonglai Zhang
Circuit - Richard Cole
Ellipsis Eclipses - Danny Lane
Ever Changing - Eilis O'Connell
Grainger Dedication - Charlie Holmes & Ian Ness
Head Cubes - Simon Watkinson
How Long? - Rupert Clamp
Man with Potential Selves - Sean Henry
Nine Things To Do On A Bench - Cate Watkinson & Julia Darling
The Grainger Town Sculptural Map - Tod Hanson & Simon Watkinson
Tyne Line of Txt Flow - Carol Sommor, Sue Dowing & W.N. Herbert
Under Your Feet - Catherine Bertola


Canopy Lighting - Simon Watkinson 2001Canopy Lighting by Simon Watkinson

Location - Theatre Royal Grey Street
Materials - Steelframed reflective canopy with LED lighting
Commissioned by - GTP

Simon Watkinson has designed a lighting scheme, which illuminates a PVC canopy contained within the portico of the theatre. The canopy is visible up and down Grey Street attracting the eye to the magnificent façade of the building. With the addition of form and colour the lighting is a subtle addition to a classical structure.

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Cardinal Hume Monument - Nigel Boonham 2002Cardinal George 'Basil' Hume Sculpture

Location - Neville Street
Materials - Cast in Bronze
Commissioned by - NCC with funding from Public Subscription and GTP

On May 7th 2002, crowds gathered in Grainger
Town to cheer and wave Union Jacks. The Queen climbed the steps of St Mary's Cathedral in Newcastle to officially unveil the memorial sculpture of Cardinal Hume, one of the city's favourite sons. The 3m high bronze sculpture portrays Cardinal Hume, dressed in his Benedictine habit.

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Chinese Arch - Yonglai Zhang 2005Chinese Arch

Location - Entrance to Stowell Street
Materials - Wood, stone, glazed tiles
Commissioned by - Grainger Town Partnership

Newcastle’s Chinese arch was designed by Mr Yonglai Zhang, and constructed by a team of 12 traditional craftsmen from the Changsu Classical Garden Construction Company Ltd from Changsu, in the Jiangsu Province. The arch is 11m high with a span of 9m between the two vertical columns. Carved and painted animals, notably dragons and phoenixes, decorate the arch. There are seven panels on each side of the arch carved or painted with typical scenes or figures from Tyneside. Two stone lions stand guard at the base of the arch, bringing good look and prosperity to the area.

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Circuit - Richard Cole 2002Circuit by Richard Cole





Location - Monument Metro
Materials - Etched Granite
Commissioned by - NCC/GTP/Nexus

Designs, derived from the imagery of electronic
circuit boards, have been sand blasted into the
walls and paving at the entrances to the metro
station. They use the language of sculpture to
convey the complex sensations of living in a digital culture, itself dependent on circuits, and surface networks such as the Metro itself, activated by information and people.

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Ellipsis Eclipses - Danny Lane 2005Ellipsis Eclipses

Location - Newgate Street adjacent to The Gate
Materials - Stainless Steel Plinth, Stacked Glass
Commissioned by - GTP

Danny Lane is well known for his sculptures
featuring stacks of plate glass, which react as light falls on the varying surfaces. The tower is made up of a plinth of stainless steel on which stands 9m of glass. The glass element comprises six separate stacks held by stainless steel bars around a stainless steel fin. The tower works with the lighting from within the Gate.

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Ever Changing - Eilis O’Connell 2005Ever Changing by Eilis O'Connell

Location - Bath Lane
Materials - Stainless Steel
Commissioned by - Grainger Town Partnership

Ever Changing, a dynamic conical sculpture by Eilis O’Connell can be found in the centre of a circular paved area at the bottom of Bath Lane. The title ‘Ever Changing’ reflects the continual change in the surrounding environment, which is caught on the surface of the sculpture. The architecture, changing skies and the movement of traffic and people are reflected in the mirror polished external surface of the work.

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Grainger Dedication - Charlie Holmes & Ian Ness 2000Grainger Dedication by Charlie Holmes & Ian Ness

Location - Grainger Street (Monument End)
Materials - Cast Iron
Commissioned by - GTP

Cast Iron Plaque (8x4.5m) with inscriptions in
raised letters in the surface. The work refers to the architecture of Grainger Town and all those who have lived and worked in it. Charlie Holmes lectures in Art and Design at the University of Sunderland and Ian Ness is a Newcastle based architect. The plaque is a monument to Richard Grainger, a major figure in the development of the area.

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Head Cubes - Simon Watkinson 2002Head Cubes by Simon Watkinson 

Location - Base of Greys Monument
Materials - Perspex Cubes with Glass and LEDs
Commissioned by - Grainger Town Partnership (GTP)

The cubes are sited flush in the plinth of the
Monument. Each cube contains an image of the
head of Earl Grey viewed from a different angle.
The images are from a casting taken of Grey’s
head while the Monument was being cleaned.
This was then used to make the pattern for cutting
the negative of the head from the perspex. Light
shining up into the space emphasizes the relief
within the Cubes.

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How Long? - Rupert Clamp 2002How Long by Rupert Clamp

Location - Corner of Grainger St and Westgate Rd
Materials - Machine carved and hand finished into
Granite Kerb Stones
Commissioned by - GTP

The work is formed by the Sentence “FROM HERE
FIFTY SEVEN CENTIMETRES (How are you feeling?) TO HERE” Carved directly into the granite kerb as it turns around the corner. The beginning is in Westgate Road. To read it the viewer has to follow the sentence around the corner into Grainger Street. Rupert Clamp is based in Newcastle.

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Man with Potential Selves - Sean Henry 2003Man with Potential Selves by Sean Henry

Location - Lower Grainger Street
Materials - Coloured Bronze
Commissioned by - GTP in co-operation with
Sculpture at Goodwood

Sean Henry is one of the UK’s leading figurative
sculptors working today. The piece comprises
three views of the same man. One stands, one
walks and one apparently floats, horizontally, above the ground. Each figure is 2.5m tall. The work is one of a series of bronze works in the area along with Cardinal Hume, Stephenson’s monument and Queen Victoria in front of the Cathedral.

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Nine Things to Do on a Bench - Cate Watkinson & Julia Darling 2001'Nine Things To Do On A Bench' by Cate Watkinson & Julia Darling

Location - Throughout the Grainger Town Centre
Materials - Etched Glass
Commissioned by - GTP

GTP employed Insite Environment to produce a unique suite of street furniture. Nine of the benches were double aspect, which created an opportunity for the artists to create a design depicting what can happen on benches. Etched into the glass forming the back of each bench, the designs make
a witty and attractive addition to the streetscape. The glass is illuminated by LEDs.

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The Grainger Town Sculptural Map - Tod Hanson & Simon Watkinson - 2003The Grainger Town Sculptural Map by Tod Hanson & Simon Watkinson

Location - Neville Street
Materials - Bronze Granite and LED lighting
Commissioned by - GTP

The map is a conceptual representation of the
area of Newcastle known as Grainger Town. It is
deliberately sited at the western entrance to the
area, close to Central Station. The buildings and
landmarks are reduced to their essential forms, so locals will be able to work out which is which and visitors will recognise them as they travel through the city. 

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Tyne Line of Txt Flow - Carol Sommer, Sue Downing & William Herbert - 2005Tyne Line of Txt Flow

Location - Thornton Street
Materials - Stainless Steel
Commissioned by - GTP and NCC

Tyne Line of Txt Flow is a 140m long stream of text. The text comes from Roman messages found locally, printed text from the time of King Charles the 1st and text messages collected in 2002 on the day of the Newcastle Sunderland derby. These are identified by translation into SMS text form. William Herbert has written a response making reference to the Skinner Burn flowing under the street. 

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Under Your Feet - Catherine Bertola 2004Under Your Feet by Catherine Bertola

Location - 30,46,49 and 57 Grainger Street
Materials - Etched Black Indian Granite
Commissioned by - GTP

The artwork developed out of a direct response
to the architecture of Grainger Street drawing
specifically from the architectural features found on the facades of the buildings that so often go
unnoticed by people at ground level. Subtle, granite floor carvings mimic and reflect the ornate features of four buildings on Grainger Street. The work is placed directly at the entrance to the buildings acting as a ‘welcome mat’ for that property.

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