What is Extra Care Housing?

Extra care housing developments (also called very sheltered housing or assisted living apartments) are a growing and popular part of the housing market for older people. Extra care can be a good choice for people who need support and care but who prefer to live independently with their own front door. They provide a supportive community of able and less able people aged 55 years and over.

The buildings
Each development provides well designed purpose built one and two bedroom apartments for rent. All the apartments have a kitchen, bathroom bedroom(s) and living room. They are well designed and user friendly. Other facilities include:

  • Door entry system with intercom to every apartment
  • Lounges and other areas in the building for  social activities
  • Bathrooms that are easy for older and disabled people to use
  • Lifts
  • A guest room that can be booked by family and friends
  • Landscaped gardens and seating
  • Residents parking
  • A resident only lounge

Each development has a Scheme Manager and an on site care team for residents who have care needs.

There are the extra care housing schemes in Newcastle:

  • Park View Grange, Yatesbury Avenue, Blakelaw, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE5 3TD. Managed by Anchor.
    For more information, phone 0845 140 2020 or visit the Anchor website.
  • Bowmont House - Scheme Manager Bernicia, Oakwood Way, Ashwood Business Park, NE63 0XF. For more information please phone 0344 800 3800 or email info@bernicia.com .
  • Pilgrim's Court  - Housing with Care Manager, Eslington Terrace, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4RL.
    For more information, phone 0191 281 7800 or visit the MHA website.
  • Assisi House - Scheme Manager, Stotts Rd, Walker, NE6 4UH, For more information, phone 0191 2623669.
  • Trevelyan Court - Scheme Manager Trevelyan Dr, Newbiggin Hall, NE5 4EG, For more information, phone 0191 2116263.
  • Kilbourn House - Scheme Manager Newlyn Rd, Kenton, NE3 3JX, For more information, phone 0191 2846236.
  • Dewley House, Vallum Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 9JJ
  • Lawson House, Lawson Close, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2UY

How to find out more

You can find out more by contacting the scheme managers who will be happy to answer questions or arrange for you to visit.

How to apply

Applications are considered from anyone aged 55 or over, who has a need for more appropriate housing and/or an assessed care need.

You and/or your partner need to complete a housing application form available from Your Homes Newcastle (YHN).

Phone: 0191 277 2020 - Kate Robson or Jackie Husthwaite.

You can get help to complete the form from YHN, Mears (formally Anchor Staying Put) Navigator Service, family, friends or by contacting the scheme managers.

Frequently asked questions

I am managing on my own, but my health is not good and I want to move. Would extra care housing be suitable for me?

Yes, extra care has a mix of more independent and able residents together with those who are more frail. Some will be getting a lot of care and support, others will be living independently. The accommodation will be accessible, easy to manage and support residents to be as independent as possible.

I own my own home, but my friend is a council tenant. Could we both move into extra care housing?

Yes, applications are welcomed from all older people regardless of their housing tenure

I already live in ordinary sheltered housing - how would extra care housing be different?

The main difference is that care and support staff are on the premises 24 hours a day.

My husband is very unwell and we get a lot of help from our family and friends. Could we move into extra care housing together?

Yes. You and your husband can stay together and your family and friends can continue to help as before if they want to, with the added support of the on site staff.

My doctor has said I should go into a home. What are the advantages of extra care Housing over a care home?

None of the three extra care schemes looks or feels like an institution. You will have your own home, control over your finances, and privacy and choice about how much you mix with the other residents. The care staff will support you in looking after yourself for as long as possible, and you can keep up your usual routines and activities in the local area.

What happens if my health gets worse while I am living in extra care housing? 

It is expected that your needs will change over time - and not always for the worse! There may be times when you need a lot of care and support, times when you need no support or a mixture of the two. The care staff should be flexible and sensitive in asking you about what you need. They cannot give you nursing care, but they will aim to support you to stay living in the same place.

My mother has early signs of Alzheimer’s disease Can she move into extra care housing? 

Possibly. Most people who develop dementia after moving into extra care can continue to be supported in their familiar home surroundings by staff and friends as before. 

How much does it cost to live in an Extra Care development?

There are usually two main elements to the cost of living in an Extra Care development. 

There are usually two main elements to the cost of living in an Extra Care development.  These are:

  • Rent and any service charges for your tenancy - such as the maintenance of the building and garden.
  • Costs are different for each development.  The scheme manager will be able to provide information.
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14 August 2018
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