Repairs and maintenance - survey feedback

Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent online survey, we now have the results for you to view in our short video below.

Allocations and Lettings policy - survey feedback

Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent online survey, we now have the results for you to view in our short video below.

If you would like to view YOUR questions and answers please click here.

In April 2017, we will publish the 'old' and 'new' policy for you to view the changes you have made, please click on this link to view Old Allocations and Lettings Policy and please click here to view the New Allocations and Lettings Policy.

If you would like any further information please email:

Events and Activities

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Newcastle Repairs and Maintenance service

Do you live in a Your Homes Newcastle property? This is your chance to shape the future of the Repairs and Maintenance Service.

Please click on this link:  to have your say. If you enter your contact details you will be entered into our prize draw to have a chance of winning £20 intu Eldon Square or Metro Centre vouchers.

Why is it important?

Newcastle City Council and Your Homes Newcastle are currently reviewing how we deliver the repairs and maintenance service. We know the repairs service is important to customers, and previous feedback from a survey carried out in July 2016 highlighted the areas that we need to improve. By completing this survey, you can now tell us what improvements you would like to happen in the future. All feedback and suggestions will be considered and your views really can make a difference, so please have your say.

This survey will run from Tuesday 8 November until Sunday 4 December 2016.

For more information about the consultation or if you would like assistance in completing the form, please email:

Have your say now on the Allocations and Lettings policy

Do you live in a council house? This is your chance to have your say on possible changes to the Allocations and Lettings Policy. This policy describes how people are matched to houses around the city so is really important for any one applying for a council house, and also people who want to move properties.

Complete our short survey here.

What is the Allocations and Lettings Policy?

This policy describes how people are matched to appropriate council properties in a way that;

  • meets people’s needs
  • makes the best use of the homes we have
  • helps create and maintain sustainable communities where people want to live
  • balances competing demands
  • ensures all customers are treated fairly.

This survey will run from 8 November to 30 November 2016.

Please take a few seconds to watch our advert for the NITV programme.

What is it?

NITV logoNewcastle Independent Tenant Voice (NITV) is a new and genuine conversation between tenants, leaseholders and the council on major issues of interest and concern to people living in Your Homes Newcastle (YHN) properties. Each of the 26,000 YHN tenant and leaseholders will be welcome and able to share their views on major policy changes using their independent voices.

How can you get involved?

There will be lots of opportunities for you to have your say on housing issues. We will use online surveys, social media, pop-up events and work with groups to understand your views. This is really important when policies that affect you - change.

Who is responsible for what?

Engaging tenants and leaseholders in operational housing matters is the responsibility of Your Homes Newcastle (YHN) who manage the Councils housing stock. Any issues concerning individuals or small groups of tenants and leaseholders such as repairs and maintenance, capital works, localised anti-social behaviour, rent and housing allocation queries should be reported directly to YHN through the website

The responsibility for strategic engagement lies with the Council’s Fairer Housing Unit (FHU).  Strategic engagement includes seeking the views of tenants and leaseholders on changes to the way properties are allocated, proposals to increase rents or other issues as a result of changes in legislation or policy.

The FHU will use NITV to engage and consult tenants and leaseholders when new national or local policies are going to change. They will also use NITV to actively listen to tenants and leaseholders through the Tenant Panel to influence and shape work that affects council housing in the City. Future engagement on strategic housing issues will be delivered by the Council’s Communities Team who can be contacted on

Tenant Panel

An important part of NITV is the Tenant Panel. This group will be made up of tenants and leaseholders from across Newcastle representing different ages and backgrounds. They will be responsible for interpreting the information gathered from all tenants and leaseholders and then presenting it to the FHU. The FHU will use this information to make their decisions which will be fed back to the Tenant Panel and those involved in the engagement process.

The Panel will also be able to shape how tenants and leaseholders across the city are engaged. This will include developing an engagement plan and a digital plan with the help and support of the Communities Team. The intention is that all work should be owned and shaped by tenants and leaseholders to allow them to make their independent voices heard.

If you are interested in learning more about the Tenant Panel or think you would like to join please email the Communities Team on:

What’s next?

Recruitment to the Tenant Panel is ongoing so get in touch if you would like to be involved.

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11 April 2017
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