The Housing Statement 2017-20 is one of the Council’s key strategic documents. Its purpose is to pull together existing plans and documents and to reference our priorities around the future supply, condition and management of housing and associated services in Newcastle. It highlights how we will make best use of the available resources to meet housing and associated care needs and to support the city’s economic growth potential. This statement reflects and supports the major challenges and opportunities in terms of the national and local policy framework and the resources available to deliver our priorities. Despite the challenges we and our partners face, we are determined to achieve the priorities set out within this statement.

This statement will be used as background information, and to showcase our priorities when bidding for external funding, and when commissioning services and service improvement.

The housing statement is accompanied by an executive summary. The summary document is aimed at those who wish to gain an understanding of the key issues facing housing and related services in Newcastle. It provides an overview of our priorities and our pledges and the outcomes we will deploy to make good on these pledges.

Housing Statement full report (pdf, 1.7mb)

Housing Statement exec summary (pdf, 732kb)

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13 January 2018
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