Your Fostering Journey - Becoming a Foster Carer for Newcastle City Council

Becoming a foster carer is a rewarding process. You'll be supported by a social worker from our fostering unit at every stage.

Stage one

Initial contact: Please call us for more information or fill in our online response form. We'll then contact you to start the application process. If you or any member of your household has had involvement with Children's Services or any other fostering agency, we'll need written consent to check the files before the screening process starts.

Initial visit and interview: One or two social workers will visit you at home to find out why you want to foster and to answer any questions you may have. If you want to proceed, you'll be sent a detailed application form.

You should fill this in and return it to us. You'll receive a letter inviting you to the next stage of the process. We'll also tell you the dates of the next available training courses.

Stage two

Police and medical checks: You'll have to be checked. The medical check will be carried out by your own GP.

Training programme: Your pre-approval training consists of four full days over a four-week period. When you're finished, we'll meet with you to talk about what you thought of the training and what you've learnt. We'll then prepare your post-approval training programme.

Social worker contact: Your social worker will keep you up-to-date with what's happening and give you feedback.

Home study and assessment: We'll carry out a detailed study of you and your family at home.

Panel: A report is presented to experienced health, social care and education professionals who make up the panel. They'll decide whether to approve you as a foster carer.

Decision and placement: We'll write to you about the panel's recommendation. A child may come to live with you soon after you're approved.

Support is available to people who are going through the fostering process and to current foster carers.

Enquire about becoming a foster carer

If you live in the North East of England within 50 miles of Newcastle and you'd like to become a foster carer, please complete our fostering enquiry form or call 0191 277 2430.

Phone: 0191 277 2430