What is the Role of a Resource Worker?

Here, our Resource Worker, Clare, tells us how she supports fostering families and the children we care for.

Very broad word, 'Resource', isn’t it? Many are confused as to what it means and what a resource worker actually does. Well, there are a few strands to my work. I support children in their homes or out on visits to the park, library or we might go to a café for a drink and a chat. Sometimes we have a game of football or play in the park; whatever suits the child. I spend time getting to know the children in our care, they enjoy asking questions about me and we learn about each other. Some children talk to me about the kinds of things they would like help with such as managing anger or coping with stress, whatever it may be to improve the child’s wellbeing; we work towards this together.  

It may be that I support the carer and the child together to build on their relationship with each other. I meet with carers on their own to support them with the children they are caring for. We work together on subjects such as attachment and we learn about the children and understand some of the behaviours they are displaying and what they may be trying to communicate.

A very important part of my role is capturing the voice of the child and helping them to be heard and understood. At the moment, myself and my social work colleague, Graham, are in the process of setting up a group to promote the voice of the child. This will be a group who will represent children in care and what is important to them, what they would like to see happening and what they don’t like. It's called Voices For Choices and I am very proud to be a part of this project. In essence, my role is listening to our children and reassuring them that they have been heard while doing everything I can to support them and our fostering families.

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