Supported Lodgings

What are supported lodgings? 

The Supported lodgings Scheme aims to give young people aged between 16 and 21, good quality accommodation together with the security and support that living with a responsible adult can offer. There are lots of reasons why young people need supported lodgings. It could be that they have experienced a family breakdown or have recently left full time care and are not ready to live on their own. The scheme provides a stepping stone for young people to help them learn the skills to live independently. 

Can I provide supported lodgings? 

We are looking for people who:

  • Have a spare room
  • Can provide two meals a day, typically breakfast and an evening meal
  • Are caring and understanding
  • Will offer a young person some support

Whatever your age, ethnicity or personal circumstance, providing supported lodgings could be for you.You do not have to own your home or be employed. You can work full time and still provide supported lodgings.We do not expect people who provide supported lodgings to have straightforward lives and we will deal with your family background sympathetically. Having a criminal record won't necessarily rule you out, but you must tell us about it. If you've been convicted of violent or sexual offenses you won't be able to provide support to a young person. If you think you are the kind of person we are looking for we would like to hear from you. Complete an Online Enquiry Form now. 

Is providing Supported Lodgings for you?

You need to be willing to spend some time with a young person and provide emotional support when needed. The young person could be staying with you form two weeks up to two years. Most of all you need to have commitment, patience and the ability to share your home with a young person who needs your support. Providing supported lodgings is different from other types of care because you will not be legally responsible for the young people. 

What support will I receive? 

We provide all of our Supported Lodgings workers with a full package of financial and professional support. We pay an allowance of £156 per week to cover the expenses of caring for a young person and the time you spend looking after them. The Supported Lodgings scheme workers will:

  • Arrange training for all members of your household
  • Match a young person to your household and arrange the moving process
  • Monitor the placement and make sure that you and the young person get constant support; and
  • Arrange for the young person to move on to more independent living when the placement ends

What do I do next? 

If you are interested in becoming a Supported Lodgings carer please call 0191 277 2430 or complete an online Enquiry Form.