Starting Your Fostering Journey

Our dedicated Recruitment and Engagement Officer, Sam, is the first person you will speak to on your fostering journey. She will take some initial information from you, including why you want to foster with Newcastle City Council, and she will tell you all about the process and brilliant rewards of being a foster carer with Newcastle. This is usually over the phone or you may want to speak with her face-to-face at one of our recruitment events or information evenings.


After the beginning conversation, if you are happy to proceed and you fit our criteria, Sam will arrange for our recruiting social worker to visit you at home. This is our opportunity to find out a little more about you including your past and current circumstances, skills, life experience and home environment. We’ll look around your home, just to advise you of any potential health and safety issues and to find out where the foster child is likely to sleep. We will give you lots of information about how foster care works and you can ask us anything about the assessment, how fostering might impact your life and what kind of support we offer.

After this, if everyone is happy to proceed, we will invite you to make an application and the assessment process will commence from there.

If you’d like to start your fostering journey today, enquire here and speak with Sam.   


COVID19 Update - As with many things during this time, the way we recruit has altered slightly. Our home screenings are now conducted via an in-depth phone call with our recruiting social worker and followed up with a brief video call which includes a tour of your home if you have internet capabilities. This is not our preferred option, but in the current climate, it allows us to continue with the recruitment process.