Respite & Emergency Foster Care


As a respite carer, you will provide short breaks for other carers to cover when they may have an emergency situation or prearranged and temporary time away from their foster caring tasks.

You might be interested in becoming a respite carer alongside your work or other family commitments or because you'd prefer not to foster full time at this stage, but would still like to help children in care.

Your availability will need to be regular and/or flexible. Depending on this, you could look after a child/ren for a night, a weekend or a few weeks at a time.

Emergency Foster Careteenager looking away_0.jpg

This is short team support for children placed in an emergency or crisis.

The placement will last a couple of days whilst future plans for the child are made.

Emergency Foster Care placements are a result of an emergency or crisis, you will not have the opportunity to meet the child beforehand and carers will be required to accept any child when they arrive.

Depending on the nature of the emergency the child may be brought to you by a duty social worker or the Police, the young person will require additional reassurance and a friendly, positive welcome from you.

The nature of this type of fostering means you will not be expected to have long term placements, however you must be flexible as the placements will happen quickly once an agreement is reached. In some cases, you may have multiple places over a short period of time.

Some referrals may come to the Foster A Future out of office hours and carers are asked to be prepared to take a placement at any time of the day or night.