Friends & Family Carers

Friends & Family Carers (previously known as connected person carers) are people identified with a pre-existing relationship to the child or children brought into care. They may be a relative of the child (aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc.) or friends of birth parents who children's social care assess to see if they can provide the care a child needs when they cannot live with their birth parents.

There are many arrangements by which this could be achieved, but it will always begin with an assessment.

This kind of carer can also be known as Kinship Care. In some circumstances, when a child will remain with that family or friend on a permanent basis, they may apply for a Special Guardianship Order. This is likely to be the latter stages once a child has settled in their care.

For Friends and Family Carers of Newcastle, these resources may benefit you:

Family & Friends Carer Policy  (This policy is updated periodically)

Department for Education leaflet for services and support for family and friends carers (pdf, 356 Kb)

Kinship Care Support Groups - click this link and find your nearest support group by typing 'Newcastle' into the search function


Our contact number for anything SGO or Kinship care related is: 0191 277 2430 or you can email us at: