Fostering is a Success Story

Published in February 2018, the Independent Review of Fostering in England, conducted by Sir Martin Narey and Mark Owers for the Department for Education, concluded that fostering is a success story.

Two years on, we still know this to be true. The concept of fostering is straightforward; children need to be looked after and foster carers want to care. At Newcastle City Council, we put these two things together safely.

But the question remains; why do people want to foster? This is as varied as the individuals who enquire. Many would like to give something back; others want a rewarding and challenging career and some just have a calling to work with children. Whatever the original motivation, the uniting feeling is the need to help. This, above all other things, is the achievement our foster carers make each day. They help to create opportunities for children in their care. They help by listening and supporting their young people when they feel safe enough to confide. They help by being their voice when they cannot speak. They help just by being there; celebrating their triumphs and picking them up when they’re low.

Can you help a child? Enquire today to start your journey.