Fostering Stories - Quotes from Foster Carers in the North East

Quotes from Foster Carers

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Photo of man with young female adult"Talk to most foster carers and they'll tell you the same as me: there's nothing I'd rather be doing instead of fostering. This isn't a 'job' - this is about doing something significant, something that really matters. It makes you feel good about yourself."
Laura, aged 29, currently fostering a baby

"You're never on your own. If I need anything, I get on the phone to my supervising social worker and they come out to see me as soon as possible.? On the rare occasion I can't get hold of my social worker, there's a Duty Social Worker at the Fostering Service I can speak to at any time during the day.? Then there's support from other foster carers that you know from our own Foster Carers Association. You'll be amazed by the help and support that's there for you."
Mike, aged 36, currently fostering a sibling group of four children

"Fostering changed my life, truly; the children have honestly given as much back to me as I've given to them. I can't imagine being without children in my home and I'm proud to be able to provide for their needs."
Mariam, aged 54, currently fostering a young child

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Photo of man with child holding binocularsIf you live in the North East of England within 50 miles of Newcastle and you would like to become a foster carer, please complete our fostering enquiry form or call 0191 277 2430.

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