Fostering in the North East - Why Should I Foster a Child?

Why should I foster?

You may be thinking you have a lot more love to give and you'd make a great role model to a child that's in need of support. So what's stopping you?

Perhaps, like lots of people in your situation, you're thinking we'd judge you or worry you'd screw it up. Maybe you doubt you'd be considered because of your age, your marital situation or your circumstances. But we're here to take the barriers away.

Whatever your age, ethnicity or personal circumstances, fostering could be for you. You don't have to own your home or be employed. The most important qualities we look for are that you have commitment, patience and the ability to share your life and home with children who need stability and security.

Most children in care are fostered for short periods of time and eventually return to their birth parents. With our training and loads of support, we could match you with the right child - a child who go on to have a happy and fulfilling future thanks to you.

Apply to become a foster carer

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If you live in the North East of England within 50 miles of Newcastle and you'd like to become a foster carer, please complete our fostering application form or call 0191 277 2430.

Newcastle Fostering Service
Wellbeing, Care and Learning Directorate
Room 603
Civic Centre
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear

Phone: 0191 277 2430
Fax: 0191 277 2421

"I consider myself extremely lucky. Nowadays I get to meet the adoptive parents when the handover takes place. While it is of course painful, I get to see how much the child will be loved and meet lovely new people. Best of all, where they want to stay in touch we do so and I have many children who see me as a grandparent type figure, which makes me happy." - Margaret Watson

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"Being a foster parent is a privilege. You get an extended family that you can be proud of, a very fulfilling and rewarding life and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to others, especially those from a BME background like me. I consider myself a very fortunate woman." - Sarah Haswell

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