A Pandemic & Fostering

Covid19 has presented some unique challenges for everyone, but the impact on foster carers has been far-reaching. Here, our foster carer, Amy, explains what it's been like for her family and foster children during this time.

"Amongst the bizarre set of circumstances we find ourselves currently in, us foster carers are doing our very best to provide the children in our care with stability and security.

It is undeniable that this situation has challenged some aspects of our routine. We have changed regular family time (contact) for children and parents from a rooted establishment with contact officers to online face-to-face calls via Microsoft Teams. Despite this being a big change to traditional ways of children seeing their birth families, it has most definitely allowed us to reassure parents of their children’s safety and emotional wellbeing alongside allowing a stronger relationship to built between parents and carers .

Lockdown, however, has also added some more challenging changes to our everyday lives. The lack of interaction the children would have previously been getting from baby groups, parks, softplays and school has been a particular cause for concern. We have had to think creatively and while it has been challenging, it's also been great fun.

We are not only responsible for ensuring the children are physically healthy but we must also guarantee that they are being stimulated as much as possible and continuing to make good steady development. It took us a little while to adjust, but with the support of our Supervising Social Worker, we are continuing to make positive outcomes for the children in our care. This quality time is unlike anything any of us have ever known and we need to use it wisely.

I'm proud of the achievements my partner and I are making all whilst dealing with a pandemic".

If you, like Amy, would like to make a difference to the life of a child, contact us today and begin your fostering journey.