Fostering Allowances - Financial and Professional Support

Allowance and fees

We provide all of our foster carers with a full package of financial and professional support.

We pay an allowance to cover the expenses of caring for the child or young person and a fee for the time you spend looking after them.

Scheme of Allowances

The allowance depends on the kind of fostering you do and the needs of the child or young person you care for. Allowances can be as much as £400 per week, per child, depending on the age and needs of the child. If a child needs particularly skilled care, the allowances could be more.

The Inland Revenue gives generous tax benefits to foster carers and you may also qualify for some state benefits.

You can see some information here at the Government's foster carer pages. 

See also HM Revenue and Customs Tax e-learning courses for foster carers.