Can I Foster?

Can I foster?

Fostering isn't something you can do in isolation as it will affect your family and your close friends. If you have children of your own, you must consider how they will respond to sharing you and your home. If you have a partner, fostering must be something you both want to do.

We would prefer you to have some experience of looking after children. This could be through bringing up your own family, working with children or voluntary work such as helping out at a playgroup or youth club.

You can also work and foster, but if you work full-time it may limit the kinds of fostering you can do.

We have foster carers from a range of backgrounds. We do not expect foster carers to have straightforward lives and will deal with your family background sympathetically.

Having a criminal record won't necessarily rule you out but you must tell us about it. If you've been convicted of violent or sexual offences you won't be able to foster.

Enquire about becoming a foster carer. 

If you live in the North East of England within 50 miles of Newcastle and you'd like to become a foster carer, please complete our fostering enquiry form or call 0191 277 2430.

Phone: 0191 277 2430