Build a Future & Change a Future


Build a Future is a specialist fostering service that is part of Foster a Future. It is aimed at supporting young people from Newcastle who are currently living in residential homes (children’s homes) or who are complex adolescents on the cusp of requiring residential services.

The scheme supports these young people by placing them in a specialist fostering home, with a dedicated support network, providing them with a safe and therapeutic environment to grow and develop into well-rounded adults.

The children and foster carers who are part of Build a Future are supported by a dedicated team, provided with specific training and support and are linked with Newcastle City Council’s award-winning Virtual School service to help reach the young person’s full educational potential.

Build a Future provides a unique challenge to carers and the support and financial payments reflect this. A weekly payment of £750 is available whilst a child is being cared for by you and 24/7 support is on hand whenever you need it. 

This is not about ‘fixing’ the child. It is about working with the young person in their current situation and building resilience so they can find different ways to cope with their challenges. The staff and specialist Foster Carers that make up the Build a Future team take a very therapeutic approach to care, considering the 'mind of the child' and building a wraparound care service that will help them develop and learn.

The team comprises of social workers, therapeutic professionals, including a psychotherapist, and support workers who are specialists in engaging with young people who are proving hard to reach. All the Build a Future staff contribute to a 24-hour rota of support for the foster carers working with Build a Future.

Becoming a Build a Future Foster is a challenging but rewarding experience, it is a step up from traditional foster care. As a result, the service is currently looking to recruit people with experience of working with hard to engage young people - for example, experienced foster carers, residential workers, teachers and youth workers. 

Change a Future leads on from our Build a Future model. It is a scheme designed to provide stable and loving homes to children who would otherwise be accommodated in secure or external residential units.

Owing to the complex and challenging behaviours a child may initially present with, those eligible for this scheme will have demonstrable experience of working with children or challenging adults in a professional setting.

In recognition of the skills and experience they bring to the role, a carer will receive a weekly payment of up to £1,000 and a retainer of £350 per week if there is currently no child to place.

Wraparound support will be available and access to respite. Given the enhanced payments, the expectation is that carers will not turn down placements identified by the service if they have been deemed a match.


All applications will be subject to assessment and approval in line with Fostering regulations and you can find out more about the fostering application process in our brochure.

For more information about Build a Future complete an enquiry form, call 0191 277 2430 or email

Build a Future