Anthony's Story

Anthony is a foster child of our carer, Sarah. Here he talks about his experiences and how the support he continues to receive has opened up a world of opportunity for him.

I was just seven years old when I was placed with Sarah and it was difficult at first. I was very nervous but Chelsea was there so that gave me some reassurance.

Thankfully the fostering team have always been close by and they continue to be on hand whenever I need help and guidance.

From hoping find me tutors and supplying things like a laptop to support my studies, my social worker has always been brilliant, especially when things have been tough. Sarah has also always provided lots of care and support.

Now I’m going into my second year in Forensic Science at Northumbria University and have just come back from a summer of travel.  It feels a lifetime away from those difficult first few weeks.

My advice to other young people is similar to Chelsea's. You don’t need to be nervous or disruptive. You might feel like rebelling but think twice because everyone is there to support you and ensure you have everything you need. They just want you to do well. Sarah has looked out brilliantly for us and we continue to enjoy being part of a loving and supportive home.

If you can make the difference to a child's life, just like Sarah did with Anthony, enquire today