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Adoption Process

How does adoption work?

We aim to find secure and loving families for all children who are adopted through our service. The process is thorough, but necessary. It can be demanding but we provide support every step of the way, both during the process and after you've adopted a child. 

The adoption process is in two stages:

Stage 1

The first stage is to provide you with information and training to help you decide if adoption is right for you. We'll also complete a series of checks.

Stage 2

The second stage is to provide you with further training and give you the opportunity to learn more and hear from people who've already adopted children. During this stage, your Home Study/Assessment will also be carried out.

The assessment looks at your experience and finds where you may need support and help to develop your skills. It also involves writing a report about you. You'll have the opportunity to read, and to contribute to the report.

Your report is then presented to the Independent Adoption Panel. We aim to complete assessments and present your application to the adoption panel within 6 months of your registration of interest. You'll be asked to attend so the panel can discuss your application. A recommendation will then made by the panel. After this, the Adoption Service will then decide if your application can be approved.

If your application is approved, we'll work towards matching you with a child.

Contact us

Our pledge to prospective adopters is to send out an information pack within 5 working days of your enquiry. We'll also invite you to an information evening within two months of your initial enquiry and arrange a follow-up interview once we've received your completed enquiry form.

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“The programme you go on is very direct and to the point. It is explicit about what might take place, but this was brilliant as I was able to prepare for the worst, which has never actually happened. There have been bad times, but we’ve always found a way round and I have 24/7 support if ever I need it.” -Sarah Haswell