OurNewcastle is our campaign to get more people taking care of our environment.

From recycling waste to picking up litter to saving energy, if it will make our environment more enjoyable or help preserve it for future generations, we want you to do it.

Helping us to maintain Decent Neighbourhoods!

Residents are invited to sign up to a new volunteers programme which will support the council's Environmental Services and encourage pride in local communities. Residents can put their name forward for the scheme which is part of the city council's ourNewcastle initiative.

Volunteers who sign up to the scheme will be able to help the city in two ways, firstly by being involved in the City Wide Winter Maintenance and Emergency Response. This will include clearing snow from local priority routes like hospitals, pedestrian crossings, older people's homes, shops and bus stops. During floods or severe weather the role would also include preparing sandbags and asisting with the clear up operation.

On a local level, volunteers will also be able to undertaken general environmental projects. Initially this will be in the three pilot wards of Castle, South Heaton and Westgate. This will include litter picking, planting, weeding and maintaining planting schemes, removing graffiti and also helping to maintain street furniture.

If you feel you can make a difference email ournewcastle@newcastle.gov.uk to sign up or for more information.

We've all done it! The crisp packet or food wrapper - caught in the wind and out of our hand before we knew it. Never mind, you're in a hurry. 'Someone' else will pick it up.

Every year we spend over £4 million pounds on sweeping litter from our streets. We devote a lot of resources to dealing with dog fouling, fly tipping and clearing up graffiti to picking up chewing gum and other mess left overnight by revellers and party goers.

Counting the Cost of Litter


Back lane rubbish


Dog fouling and fly tipping


Chewing gum and litter


City Centre hot spots




Littering, including dog fouling, smoking related litter and fly tipping is a criminal offence.  You could face fines ranging from £75 up to £5,000 and even prosecution in court. The Fixed Penalty Notice for littering and dog fouling is £75. There are an additional 6 Regulatory Enforcement Officers to support our approach to Decent Neighbourhoods. There have been some projects working alongside partners to target litter hotspots such as the Central Station.

The law enables local authorities to fine anyone committing an environmental crime. A fixed penalty notice could be issued if you drop litter, cause damage through graffiti or fly-posting or allow your dog to foul.

Fixed Penalty Notices Issued by Newcastle City Council

Month Total
January 2012 18
Februrary 2012 23
March 2012 38
April 2012  28
May 2012  36
June 2012  241
July 2012 98
August 2012 136
September 2012 128
October 2012 147
November 2012 235

By making a small change to our behaviour we can make a big difference. You can pledge on our website http://www.thebiggreenpledge.org.uk to make a difference to our Newcastle!

Energy monitors

Reduce, re-use and recycle

Do you want to...

  • inspire and engage your friends, family and community to tackle climate change?
  • have fun with friends and meet new ones?
  • save money on your bills?
  • live more sustainably?

Visit the Eco Teams website to find out how at: www.ecoteams.org.uk/partner/newcastle

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26 February 2016
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