The neighbourhood warden service aims to increase Neighbourhood Wardens helping children with the Kerbcraft scheme community confidence, create a better environment and improve residents' quality of life.

We to do this by reporting crime and disorder incidents like

  • burglary
  • drug dealing
  • car crime
  • youth nuisance
  • anti-social behaviour
  • hate crime

Our highly visible presence helps stop some lower level crime happening in the first place. We report environmental and estate management problems and can issue fixed penalty notices.

Neighbourhood Wardens inspecting excessive rubbish We work closely with the Ward Teams in our areas to ensure that environmental problems are dealt with quickly and effectively.

We have close links with the local police officers in each neighbourhood and where appropriate share intelligence.  Working in and with the community, to make the area a safer and cleaner place for you to live, work and visit.

Newcastle New Deal for Communities funds the wardens along with the City Council and Europe in Arthur's Hill, Cruddas Park, Rye Hill and Elswick.

Our Objectives

  • cut crime - including burglaries, anti-social behaviour, criminal damage and hate crime
  • reduce residents' fear of crime and increase their confidence in the ability of official agencies to help
  • support victims of crime and vulnerable members of the community
  • report all crime and disorder incidents and environmental problems
  • improve the reporting of racially motivated crime and other hate crime
  • be the 'eyes and ears' of the community through foot patrols in residential areas of Newcastle.

To report an issue contact us via Envirocall or on the Wardens Hotline on 0191 2773970.

Photographs courtesy of Andrew Hayward, Newcastle New Deal for Communities.


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27 November 2017
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