Photograph of a member of the Neighbourhood Response Team collecting branches after pruning Localised Services involve all front line environmental services delivered on a ward or area basis. They include the former worker groups of

  • Street Cleansing
  • Rapid Response
  • Gully Maintenance
  • Graffiti
  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Mechanised Sweeping
  • Back Lane Clearance
  • Wardens Service
  • small element of Grounds Maintenance

Localised Services Objectives

  • Responding quickly and effectively to resident priorities
  • Based on local priorities
  • Looking for solutions
  • Working in partnership
  • Involvement of residents

We work in partnership with local residents, Councillors, Ward Co-ordinators, Housing Officers, Police, our colleagues in many parts of the City Council and other agencies to help solve short and longer term environmental issues. We do this by accessing all of Neighbourhood Services for their assistance and also by funding or part funding projects and schemes.

Localised Services, what it means

  • Responding to priorities in a ward
  • Ward based- responsive staff in each ward
  • Empowering staff to do what is needed not just what is scheduled

Service Outcomes

  • Cleaner, greener and safer neighbourhoods
  • Council services embedded in the local community
  • Performance management to support delivery and engagement
  • More job satisfaction for staff
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24 November 2017
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