Service Current standard
Missed wheeled bins If our records show the street has been serviced, bins will be collected at the next scheduled collection.
Assisted lifts within 3 working days. Missed streets within 3 working days.
Overfilled litter bins Next scheduled collection (this standard will be further reviewed following implementation of the citywide large litter bin programme.
Replacement bins We are currently clearing a large backlog of requests. Residents could be expected to wait a minimum of 4 weeks for the backlog to be cleared.
Dog fouling (pavements) Within 5 working days
Dog fouling (green space) As soon as operationally possible or next programmed visit
Graffiti (racist, sexist, offensive) Within 2 working days
Graffiti, other None in place
Excessive accumulation of litter Will clear as soon as possible or at next scheduled programmed visit
Fly tipping Within 10 working days, 30 days to investigate suspected fly-tippers
Grass cutting Maximum number of cuts to majority of city will be 8 per year; in some areas this will reduce to 2 per year
Trees No change to emergency works; response time of 28 days will only relate to dead, damaged, diseased trees or those causing a physical obstruction
Play Areas Minimum of once per week (dangerous equipment to be dealt with within 8 hours)
Dead animals (cats, dogs) Removed within 2 working days
Gullies Inspect reported blocked gullies within 1 working day
Drugs litter Remove within 1 working day
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7 September 2017
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