Delivering a Newcastle that is clean and green that wastes less and recycles more

We have the ambition to provide those who live, work and visit our City, high quality neighbourhoods.  In the current climate of financial austerity, we have seen an impact on frontline service delivery and we recognise we cannot achieve this ambition on our own.  We have set out below the local operational response times that we are working towards in line with the Council resources available. 

Service Response Time
Refuse Collection  (General Waste and Recycling) General household waste and recycling waste is planned for collection on an alternating weekly basis
Missed wheeled bins If our records show the street has been serviced, bins will be collected at the next scheduled collection.
Assisted lifts within 3 working days. Missed streets* within 3 working days. (Missed street could be because of inaccessibility due to parked cars or roadworks or because a vehicle has broken down).
Street sweeping Planned routes operate a 10 day street sweeping cycle.
Overfilled litter bins Next scheduled collection.
Repair litter bin Damaged litter bins to be inspected within 10 working days.
Replacement wheeled bins Up to 8 weeks.
Dog fouling (pavements) Within 10 working days.
Graffiti (racist, sexist, offensive) Within 2 working days.
Fly tipping Within 10 working days, 30 days to investigate suspected fly-tippers.
Grass cutting Maximum number of cuts to majority of city will be 8 per year; some sloped areas will not be cut.
Trees Emergency works will be responded to within 3 hours; Aim to respond within 28 days - relates to dead, damaged, diseased,  physical obstructions.
Dead animals (cats, dogs) Removed within 2 working days.
Gullies Inspection within 3 working days.
Drugs litter Remove within 1 working day.
Parks Parks will be managed through programmed maintenance.
Hazardous Waste Within 1 working day
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1 August 2018
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