What you can recycle in your blue bin

Use the main part of the blue bin for:

Cartons (please flatten if possible)

Plastic bottles (please flatten if possible)

Cardboard (please flatten if possible)

Newspaper, magazines and paper including letters, flyers, leaflets, white and brown envelopes
(no plastic coated paper or bound files)

Telephone directories and yellow pages

 Food and drink cans (please rinse)


 Foil and foil trays (please rinse)


 Empty aerosol cans


 Use the black caddy for:

Glass bottles and jars (please rinse)

Batteries (please put in a clear plastic bag on top of the glass)


  • Remember that glass goes in the caddy and not the bin. The materials in the main part of the bin are sorted by hand, so any glass put in this section could cause injuries and could contaminate the paper and cardboard. If this happens the paper mill will reject the paper and card and it won't be recycled. 
  • If you have too much glass for the caddy (particularly over Christmas or New Year) use a glass bank in a supermarket carpark or at a Household Waste Recycling Centre

For more information on what you can recycle, go to our A - Z to reducing and resusing waste page.

Recycling for residents of communal buildings

If you live in a flat or multi-occupancy building you may have a communal recycling bin. You can use the main compartment of the recycling bin to recycle:

  • Papers;
  • Directories;
  • Cardboard (please flatten);
  • Plastic bottles (please rinse and squash);
  • Cans (please rinse); 
  • Foil (please rinse); and
  • Empty aerosols.

Do not put your recycling into a bag. Place the items to be recycled loose in the recycling bins.

A black caddy/box sits inside the main bin. You can uses this to recycle glass bottles and jars. The caddy ensures glass is kept separate from the other materials to avoid injury at the sorting factory.

In some cases, rather than using a caddy, we may provide an additional wheeled bin for glass.

What happens to my recycling after it's collected?


It is taken to a recycling depot in Wallsend were the different materials are sorted and sent to be recycled. For more information, please visit our what happens to my recycling page.

Page last updated: 
26 February 2016
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