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What is a bulky waste collection?

Bulky waste could include:

  • Heavy items such as a 3 piece suite or living room bookcase
  • Large items such as domestic white goods including fridges, washing machines and cookers.
  • Small items such as a microwave, ironing board or garden table and chairs

We cannot take:

  • Car parts or waste oil.
  • Timber over 6ft 6 inches.
  • Clinical waste.
  • Waste from commercial premises and businesses.
  • Paint.
  • Double glazed units.

For more details check our list of what we can/cannot take:

Full list of items we can/cannot take

What do I need to do?

  • All loose items, garden waste and rubble must be bagged, with any loose timber or branches bound together.
  • Glass waste will be inspected prior to collection. Glass needs to be securely taped to minimise risk from breakages. We cannot take double glazed units.
  • All items that are for removal need to be listed. This is to avoid any items being taken by mistake.
  • The collection will take place from the most accessible point of the property, usually your wheelie bin collection point. In the majority of cases, this will be the front of your property.
  • Please ensure that items are left for collection at the edge of your property and do not leave them on roads or pathways. For insurance reasons, our collection staff cannot enter houses or garages. All items must be left outside.
  • We also ask that items are placed out no sooner than the night before your collection is due. Collections begin early in the morning and continue until early evening.

What are the costs?

We charge:

  • £40 for each heavy item.
  • £10 for each large item.
  • £20 for up to 8 small items.
  • £70 for each special large item
  • £40 for each special small item

You can still take these items free of charge to a Household Waste Recycling Centres. If you want to use a van, pick up truck, trailer or any vehicle with a business logo to take items to the Household Waste Recycling Centres you'll need a permit.

Producers of waste can be liable to prosecution (and a £5,000 fine) if someone else disposes of their waste illegally. If you use a waste collector other than the council, you have a legal duty to ensure you only use someone authorised by the Environment Agency.

Please ensure you know how a waste collector intends to dispose of your waste. Ask if the person or company taking the waste away is a registered waste carrier and ask to see copy of their registration certificate. It is the law to do so.

Take a note of the name of the collector and the vehicle's details. If you are in doubt about someone, check their details with the Environment Agency on 08708 506 506 and ask for an instant Waste Carrier Validation Check or check online on the Environment Agency's Website. If they are not registered, refuse the service and let us know.

Where can I take unwanted furniture?

CT Furniture Newcastle collect items free of charge. Items must be in good condition and have the relevant fire safety labels attached. Please phone them on 0800 917 4397 or find them on CT Furniture’s website.

Cancellations and refunds

Refunds can only be given if the cancellation is received at least 24 working hours before the collection is due. If your colleciton is already booked and you need to cancel then call Envirocall on 0191 2787878.

Page last updated: 
5 September 2018
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