Join us and help to make our environment greener and cleaner. An invitation to individuals and groups to join this city-wide campaign to care for our environment.

Plots can be of any size. Small, measuring only a few feet to a large area of open space or part of an open space. Residents may wish to take care of their own street, looking after verges and trees (work on trees would be limited to the clearing of the ground around the tree and watering).

The plot will be identified by address and indicated on a location map, which will be provided by the City council.

The scheme only applies to council owned land.  Private arrangements must be entered into on land owned by separate individuals.

If you are successful in your application for the Adopt a Plot area, a licence will be issued. Participants in the scheme must be fully aware that this licence relating to the use of land does not entitle legal ownership over the plot, but protects the council's position and gives the licensee appropriate rights and protection.

If possible, a photograph should be taken of the plot prior to commencing work and a second photograph within the year. This will indicate any changes and improvements that may have occurred.

If the scheme interests you and you wish to be involved in improving the City, write to us letting us know the site you would like to maintain and your ideas for maintaining the area, i.e. litter removal, bulb planting, shrubs or trees etc. Once you have finalised your ideas and they have been approved, you can go ahead and care for your plot. 

For more information contact Susan Hawkins 0n 0191 2783089 or email


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8 April 2014
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