The council provides a pest control service to treat a variety of common pests including, rats, mice, wasps and a range of insects (not slugs, spiders or woodlice).

Other ways to apply

Visit our Envirocall page to find out the other ways to apply.

What you can expect if we visit you?

  • We will make sure we visit you at the appointment time and date we have agreed with you.
  • We will assess your problem and take the necessary course of action.
  • We will give you advice on protecting your premises against future infestations

What happens when pest control arrive?

A discreet service is operated - vehicles are not identified as belonging to pest control. Our pest control operatives are fully trained and qualified and will carry out treatment in a professional manner.

In many cases, treatment may only take a few minutes and involve the application of industrial insecticide/pesticide which take effect gradually. Other infestations may take longer to eradicate and need several visits. The pest control operative will tell you what has been done.

What types of pests are treated?

Find out what type of pests we treat and don't treat.

How much does it cost?

There are now charges involved for the types of pests we treat.

Revised Pest control charges effective from 1 April 2019

Type of pest Charge

Wasps - includes a non-refundable call out charge of £24

Mites - includes a non-refundable call out charge of £24



Mice £84.00
Rats £84.00
Ants £68.40
Cockroaches £124.00
Beetles/Silver Fish £68.40

Please note these charges are applicable for both weekday and weekends.

For larger jobs or preventative contracts the pest control technician will advise you of the charge, without obligation, after he has carried out his assessment.

How do I pay?

You can request pest control and pay at the same time using our online form. After treatment, you will be asked to sign a form to confirm that work has been carried out to your satisfaction.

If the work is chargeable, are there any price concessions for senior citizens and unwaged?

The council charges a flat fee to keep costs down and make the service available and affordable to residents. There are no concessions as the costs are already very competitive.

Are the insecticides used dangerous?

Yes. Instructions will be left with you about the poison used. If taken internally, follow the guidance note given and seek medical advice immediately. Please keep the 'Poison Notice' that the technician will leave you.  

If you suspect an accidental poisoning please go to the nearest hospital's Accident and Emergency department, taking the 'Poison Notice' with you.

All the materials we use are the safest available but it would still be wise to go to the hospital.

Page last updated: 
29 March 2019
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