School closures

Winter weather and snowSchools are responsible for keeping parents and guardians informed of closures due to severe weather or other unexpected events. Some schools use their own social media channels, SMS updates or the school website to keep parents and guardians informed. You can contact your school directly to find out how to keep informed.

Other emergency closures and disruption to services

For up-to-date information visit the emergency closures and disruptions to services page.

Gritting and snow clearance

Following a number of really bad winters we’ve been planning for the season ahead. And if we get the same freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall, we’re confident that we’re prepared. For more information visit our gritting and snow clearance page.

Driving safely during the winter

Snow and ice can make driving conditions hazardous and the thaw brings its own problems. For more information visit the driving safe in winter page.

Keep warm, keep well

How to keep your home and family warm and healthy over the winter, visit keep warm, keep well. 

NHS advice for winter

If you are injured or unwell during the holiday season there are NHS services that can help. Visit the NHS advice for winter page.  

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27 February 2018
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