To help the City Council and other agencies understand the impact of the flooding on residents, a survey of more than 12,000 properties was undertaken and almost 3000 responses were received.

We are grateful to everyone who took the time to tell us about any flooding in their street and its impact on people and properties. The responses have been analysed to assist us in building up a picture of where and how the flooding occurred and allow us to plan for the future. The results have been published in the Summer 2012 Flooding Report (pdf 3.43mb).

We now know that over 1,200 properties (including homes, businesses, schools and other non-residential properties) were affected by the summer 2012 flooding in Newcastle, with over 500 homes being flooded internally. Many residents experienced additional difficulties associated with the stress of having to move out of their homes while repairs took place or losing photographs and other personal belongings.

Over 100 locations across the city have been identified where further investigations will be needed. The responses from the questionnaire will be used to prioritise these investigations and help develop a programme of works that will benefit residents, businesses, public buildings and major transport infrastructure at risk of future flooding.

In addition, Newcastle City Council's Scrutiny Committee has reviewed the citywide responses to the extreme flooding events of 2012 and made recommendations in the Newburn Culvert Collapse and Citywide Flooding Report - Review of Extreme Events (pdf 1.59mb).

As a Newcastle resident or business, if you have been affected by a flood event and could provide us with information on the extent and impact you have experienced, we would encourage you to complete a Flooding Questionnaire.  Knowing where there has been flooding across the City helps us prioritise our work to reduce flood risks.  All your information and evidence is valuable to us and will be kept completely confidential. 

Additional information and advice on flooding issues is available from the links below:

If you need further information or advice email .  Alternatively, if you would like to speak to someone please call the Flood Risk Team on 0191 2116848 (office hours Mon- Fri 8.30 - 4.00).

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25 August 2017
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