If you are worried about your electricity and gas bills or you are having problems heating your home, please contact Energy Services on 0191 278 3427 or email energy@newcastle.gov.uk.

Get the best deal on your energy bills

Changing energy suppliers can be one of the easiest ways to save money on your energy bills. It's always worth checking you are on the best deal with your current supplier before you decide to switch to another. If you haven't checked with your supplier for over a year, it's likely you could be paying for the most expensive standard tariff.

Find a better deal by comparing suppliers online

Access free help from our Customer Service Centres and Libraries.

Big Community Switch

The final auction took place in May 2016. Over two years, the Big Community Switch has helped 600 households register for a cheaper energy offer, with average annual savings of £244 achieved. Collectively the scheme has delivered savings of £59,500 for Newcastle residents.

Help through the Warm Home Discount

You may be able to apply for a discount on your electricity bill, the Warm Home Discount. Under the scheme, energy suppliers give vulnerable customers on low incomes a Warm Home Discount rebate. For winter 2016 to 2017 you could have a £140 credit on your electricity bill or in prepayment vouchers.

All electricity suppliers with more than 250,000 domestic customers need to pay the discount. Smaller suppliers can also join the scheme on a voluntary basis. Customers in receipt of the Guarantee Element of Pension Credit automatically qualify. Most suppliers also offer the discount to a broader group of customers. Each electricity supplier sets their own rules about who else can get this help and you should contact them to check if you are eligible. You can view a list of energy suppliers who are part of the scheme. Most suppliers will accept applications until December.

Find out more about Warm Home Discount.

Help to improve your home through Warm Up North

Reduce your energy use and save money on your bills, visit the Warm Up North website.

Find out how much energy you use

If you want to understand exactly what is using all the electricity in your home, why not try using an energy monitor? Energy monitors are available to borrow for free from Newcastle Libraries, just like you would borrow a book. Find out more about energy monitors

Smart meters

By 2020, all UK households will be offered a smart meter as part of the national upgrade to our energy system. Smart meters come with an easy to use in-home display, which monitors energy use and can be used to help reduce energy bills. The benefits of smart meters include:-

  • accurate bills
  • real time information on energy cost
  • greater control over energy use
  • faster and easier supplier switching

For more information visit Smart Energy GB

Other sources of advice

  • The Energy Saving Trust details simple steps to help you save energy and reduce bills.
  • Citizens Advice has produced a guide for energy related issues.
  • Northumbrian Water provides free water saving kits to householders.
  • If you have a water meter fitted and are in receipt of means tested benefits you may be able to get help from the WaterSure assistance programme.
  • View other energy related financial help available to eligible individuals. For example, Cold Weather and Winter Fuel Payments.
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14 August 2017
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