The term community energy covers many different types of community getting involved in different ways to help meet the UKs energy challenges and develop sustainable energy sources. The Government's Community Energy Strategy sets out how communities are already coming together to change the way we think and act on energy.

There are many different types of community energy project, such as solar, heat pumps or biomass, and there is no one size fits all approach. It really is about what is appropriate for your particular building, location and the local community. There may be other community groups across the city that are looking to develop a similar scheme to yours, in which case there will be benefits in joining together and helping each other with funding applications and securing the appopriate technical and legal advice.

The Government provides grants and loans through the Urban Community Energy Fund for feasibility studies and more detailed project development.

Other useful links, see Centre for Sustainable Energy and Community Energy England

Global Awareness in Action (GAIA) project

Energy Services recently provided energy advice and support to a number of community buildings in Newcastle, which was funded by the European Union. The aim of this work was to encourage building users to introduce practical changes that can make great savings, both to the building's energy usage and the City's carbon emissions. We also worked with Northumbrian Water to provide water audits and identify ways that water can be better used within the buildings. We are continuing to provide a number of community buildings within the city with energy advice and support.

For further information, contact Energy Services on phone: 0191 278 3427 or by email:

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1 December 2016
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