Newcastle and North Tyneside Biodiversity Action Plan

Biodiversity Action PlanThis page contains information about the Newcastle and North Tyneside Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP).  The BAP consists of a series of plans for priority habitats and species in the Newcastle and North Tyneside area, which are considered to be under threat locally and nationally.

The action plans shown below, were chosen and developed by a steering group comprising of local experts to reflect the current concerns of different wildlife organisations.  This partnership will continue to oversee the ongoing development and implementation of this BAP.

This BAP is a ten year vision for the protection and enhancement of biodiversity in Newcastle and North Tyneside.  The aim of the BAP is to ensure that we manage our natural environment more effectively to protect these natural resources and to leave a legacy that will benefit present and future generations.

Everyone can play a role in helping to deliver this plan.  By taking action at the local level, either by forming a local community group, planting trees or simply putting up a bird box in a garden, you can contribute to local, regional and national targets and make a real difference to biodiversity in Newcastle and North Tyneside.

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Introduction (pdf, 66kb)

Acknowledgments (pdf, 16kb)

Habitat Action Plans   Species Action Plans

3.   Brownfield Land

13.  Amphibians

4.   Transport Corridors

14.  Dingy Skipper

5.   Open Water & Wetland

15.  Otter

6.   Rivers and Watercourses

16.  Urban Birds

7.   Managed Urban Greenspace

17.  Water Vole

8.   Native Woodland

18.  Red Squirrel

9.   Lowland Grassland

19.  Hedgehog

10. Scrub, Shrub & Hedgerow

20.  Slow Worm


21.  Bumblebees


22.  Brown Hare

1.   Buildings and Structures

11.  Farmland Birds

2.   Estuary & Coastal

12.  Bats

 You can also download the whole Document here.   (pdf, 4mb)

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21 March 2014
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