Young people are the future of our economy. We need employers to understand and be part of developing young people for local businesses and our economy. 

The Newcastle Employer Offer

There are a number of ways that employers can help:


These are programmes that have been designed with businesses and for businesses. The wide variety of apprenticeship programmes available help to develop young peoples':

  • Work based skills
  • Broader technical knowledge
  • Personal skills

To find out more, visit the national apprenticeship website

Employment with part time learning

This is a long standing model that some employers prefer. It offers the opportunity for young people to take part in vocational and/or personal development with a college or work related learning providers. Employers and young people can find out more by:

Visiting the websites or ringing local colleges or work related learning providers to find out more about the courses they have available. Some of the sites available are located below:

Visit the Newcastle website that offers information on courses available locally for young people:

Offer a work placement

This is an ideal opportunity for you to help young people develop some of the skills that employers value whilst in a real working environment. 

If you would like to find out more about how you could offer a work placement to both young people under and over the age of sixteen get in touch with Newcastle Education Business Partnership.

Offer an internship

This is an opportunity for a young person who is in higher education or has just completed their programme to enter the world of work and develop those hands on skills that will help them further their career.  Employers often see a dual benefit in this option by utilising the skills of these very capable young people to undertake projects or activities that are of real value to their company.

Work with your local school Newcastle school staff value the opportunity to have employers involved in providing that real life working dimension to the school curriculum.  Typically this can involve employers in talks in schools, mentoring of young people and could also involve them in some of the curriculum development that tries to make it relevant to the local world of work. 

To find out more, contact Newcastle Education Business Partnership.

Information on the impact of the Raising of the Participation Age and the important role that employers will play in this are captured in the attached leaflet: 

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13 September 2017
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