Independent schools (often referred to as private schools) offer an additional educational choice for parents but at a cost. The schools are funded through fees paid by parents.  Please note that the School Admissions and Appeals Codes do not apply to them. If you want to apply to an independent school, contact the school directly.

The Independent School Council advises parents to start looking for schools one full academic year in advance as many schools have a high demand. Schools often fill up on a first-come-first-served basis so it is important to start looking for an independent school for your child early. This is even more necessary when an entrance exam is involved, including the Common Entrance paper. 

Contact independent schools directly to enquire about their entry requirements and to find out what type of interview or exam they conduct. Think realistically about your son or daughter's chance of attaining the exam grades required.  Read their prospectus. Attend the school's open day. Is it the right school for your child?

Many independent schools will require you to register your child. This does not secure a place; it merely indicates that you wish your child to be considered for a place. There is usually a registration fee to cover administration costs, which is non-refundable.  After you have registered the school will inform you of any interview and/or examination dates. You will only be given a formal offer of a place after your child has been successful in whatever selection process has taken place, whether it is selection on a first-come-first-served basis or a competitive selection. Accepting an offer of a place is legally binding; make sure that you read all the conditions that apply. In particular, you should be aware that to withdraw a pupil usually requires a full term's notice in writing, and sometimes two.

If you apply for a maintained school and an independent school and are offered a place at both, please tell us by letter or email which school place you are accepting. Please be aware that if you do not apply for a maintained school before the closing date, and your child is not offered a place at an independent school, you reduce your chances of obtaining a place at your preferred maintained school.

List of independent schools in Newcastle

Bahr Academy

  • Schools for both boys and girls.
  • Pupil ages range from nursery age to 18. 
  • Focus on Islam

Central Newcastle High School
Girls' school. Anglican. Pupil age range 3 - 18 years

Dame Allan's Schools

  • Co-educational nursery, early years and juniors. Pupil age range 3 -11 years.
  • Girls' school. Pupil age range 11 - 16 years.
  • Boys' school. Pupil age range 11 - 16 years.
  • Co-educational Sixth form. Pupil age range 16 - 18 years.

Newcastle Church High School
Girls' school. Christian (but welcomes girls of all faiths). Pupil age range 2 -18 years

Newcastle Preparatory School
Co-educational school. Non-denominational. Pupil age range 3 - 11 years.

Newcastle School for Boys
Boys' school. Non-denominational. Pupil age range 3 - 18 years.

Northern Counties School
Provide all age, day and residential special education for children who have a hearing impairment or visual impairment, those with profound and multiple learning disabilities and autistic spectrum disorder all of whom require education, therapy and care within a specialist communication environment.

Royal Grammar School
Co-educational. Non-denominational. Pupil age range 7 - 18 years.

Talbot House
A charitable trust providing education up to National Curriculum, skills, training and residential care for boys and girls aged 7 to 18 years who display emotional, social and behavioural difficulties.

Westfield School
Girls' school. Non-denominational. Pupil age range 3 - 18 years.


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22 May 2014
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