What is the Newcastle Music Service?

Newcastle Music Service provides instrumental teaching and music support activities in every school in Newcastle. Our forty expert teachers, musicians and performers work in every phase of education from early years to sixth form.

1. Core Programme

 The core programme addresses first access to instrumental tuition, progression, ensembles and singing. Activities will build on the expertise of music services and delivery partners.  It is expected that the majority of the music grant will be used to support this programme.

Programmes include:

  • Early development of general musicianship skills (Pocket Projects)
  • Support for singing
  • Curriculum support
  • The provision for at least one term of instrumental whole class tuition at Key Stage Two – whole class tuition including Band in a Box – 12 week instrumental programmes, as recommended in the National Music Plan.
  • Pocket Projects remain at six weeks for Early Years / KS 1
  • Supporting access to small group tuition
  • Access to ensemble opportunities

Curriculum Support

Time is available to support the delivery of the Music Curriculum in your School. Our experienced music specialists are available to work alongside teachers to support the delivery of National Curriculum music lessons to your pupils at a set time each week. This service has an emphasis on professional development of teachers, particularly the non-specialist, and could involve team teaching, coaching, observing and feeding back. Time should also be set aside for planning this specialist support at the start of each term.

 At Key Stage 3 and 4 you might want to consider support for the delivery of the National Curriculum or to provide additional expertise for GCSE and A Level classes, particularly in Music Technology, Composing or Performing.

You can also use your time allocation to support extra-curricular activities such as Choir or Band Rehearsal, Recorder and Guitar Clubs, or Rock Band sessions, for example.

The Singing School

A complete Singing School package from Newcastle Music Service aims to encourage a structured approach to singing development in your school. The newly revised song pack provides a fresh approach to capture your pupils’ imagination and support the class teacher. Song pack contains practical advice for teachers to encourage regular singing in the classroom. You will become part of the Sing School community of schools and be able to share your music-making with other schools, take part in singing events and keep up to date with a regular newsletter.

2. Extension Programme - Optional school funded

Charanga Musical School Programme is a modern music curriculum for the whole school fully supported by ICT resources, help with planning and assessment, plus a programme of training and CPD. Twilight school cluster training is FREE. Individual school twilight staff training can be catered for.

At Key Stage 3 and 4 you might want to consider support for the delivery of the QCA Scheme of Work or to provide additional expertise for GCSE and A Level classes, particularly in Music Technology, Composing or Performing.

Live Music Performance Workshops These workshops bring live music back into schools presented by some of our star players and performers in the music service.

Boys from the Brass staff and Pull a Few Strings (half day sessions)The half day sessions aim to enable the whole school to experience live music performance followed by some hands-on activities for targeted groups of pupils.

The Hotshots is a live performance of a Rock Band that can be for the whole school (one hour performance) Book a workshop to inspire your pupils and to motivate them to take up an instrument or as an introductory taster to the Band in a Box or Whole Class instrumental tuition.

Concert and Events  We are able to offer opportunities and access to events including large scale performances, play days, support for cultural and themed occasions. Further information available.

Rock school  The popular rock school programme will be expanded to include a week long battle of the bands festival. There will be also opportunities to perform at the 02 in Newcastle as well as receiving expert advice from rock professionals.

Big Gig Back by popular demand the Big Gig continues to grow and schools will be invited to attend the event at Northumbria sports arena where up to 1000 children will be able to show off their newly acquired instrumental skills. The event takes place in June and will be the culmination of this year’s first access programme.

3. Professional Development

A training programme will be offered to schools through the SLA, for advisory support and curriculum development. Training programmes are designed in consultation with schools to accurately meet their needs. Some time may be allocated to work with the school to complete the review and development plans.

In addition to the SLA we offer a range of CPD courses and network days for early years, special schools, primary, secondary and teaching assistants. 

These are available for all schools to access and through regional shared practice; the opportunity to deliver courses for other music services will facilitate economies of scale.

For more information, check out our Newcastle Music Service Facebook page.

We are also on Twitter, follow us on @NCLMusicService.

Contact us

If you would like to contact the music service, please contact:

Georgina Biddle, Music Development Leader georgina.biddle@newcastle.gov.uk

Phone 0191 278 2965
Fax 0191 298 3152

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21 April 2017
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