Newcastle Music Service aim to increase instrumental access and participation rates across Newcastle.

Why are Newcastle developing an instrument bank?

The aim is to increase expenditure on instruments, funding permitting, year on year. A strategic purchase plan will be based on an annual review of provision and consider requests from both schools and instrumental staff. The plan will also consider guidance from DCSF and OFSTED, particularly in aiming to create a better balance of instrumental take-up so as to improve the quality of school and centralised ensembles.

What is the one year instrument loan scheme?

Instrumental provision will not be based on schools' ability to pay. The Newcastle Music Service will manage and deploy instruments in line with its strategic overview. It will be the responsibility of the Director of Music Service to annually review instrumental provision across the City. Deployment decisions will be based on that strategic review and in line with Service, local and national priorities. When deploying instruments, the instrument will go to the school. It will be the school's responsibility to ensure the proper care of the instrument.

Decisions about access to musical instruments by pupils will be taken by the instrumental teacher in discussion with the school and the Service. If instruments are not available, then schools will be entered onto a waiting list. The instrument will be available on loan for up to One Year at which time it must be returned to the Instrument Bank. If pupils wish to continue to play after this time, schools and parents should be encouraged to consider lease or purchase schemes.

The one year loan ensures Bank instruments are in circulation enough to support as many students as possible. Schools will also be encouraged to promote lease and hire schemes to increase the provision of instruments.The Service will encourage schools via the SLA - Taster Sessions, to consider instrumental tuition within its free time allocation.

Will there be any charge for repairing and maintaining instruments?

A charge will be made through the school budgets for the repair and maintenance of musical instruments. Charges for the repair and maintenance will not be refundable if the instrument is handed back to the bank. Schools should make every effort to encourage another pupil to take up the instrument. Schools will decide if the charge is to be paid in full or to be divided into the cost of each lesson. In order to ensure routine repair and maintenance of expensive instruments, charges will be divided into two bands to reflect the cost of the instrument and potential cost of repairs.

Band A Instruments
£28.00 per year 

  • Trumpet
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Violin 

Band B Instruments 
£36.00 per year

  • Trombone
  • French horn
  • Tenor Horn
  • Euphonium
  • Tuba
  • Alto Sax
  • Tenor Sax
  • Cello
  • Double Bass 
  • Bassoon
  • Oboe

The charge will be payable on receipt of the instrument, and is non-refundable.

What happens if the instrument is damaged or lost?

It will be the schools' responsibility to ensure adequate insurance cover in the event of theft or serious damage. The school is liable for the replacement of the instrument.

Instrument database

All instruments will be entered onto the Newcastle Music Service Instrument Bank database. The database will be updated regularly based on instrumental teacher return forms. Instrumental teachers will be responsible for allocating instruments to pupils and for returning instruments to the Bank. An Instrumental Request Form must be completed by the instrumental teacher before instruments are allocated to schools. If instruments are not available, schools details should be entered via the Instrument Request Form onto the waiting list.

Instrumental teacher's responsibility

It will be the instrumental teacher's responsibility to discuss with the school, pupil and the Music Service the suitability for instrument deployment. Teachers will sign instruments out from the Bank using the instrument request form.  The teacher must ensure all appropriate information has been given to the school and parents about the Service's Instrument Bank Policy and the Repair and Maintenance Charge. It is the teacher's responsibility to monitor the condition of instruments and submit an instrument repair form if an instrument is in need of repair. The Instrument Bank should only be accessed by teachers in the Newcastle Music Service.

School's responsibility

It will be the school's responsibility to ensure parents are informed of the Service's Policy regarding the Instrument Bank.

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21 April 2017
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