Newcastle schools and the Local Authority offer a range of educational visits for pupils from short trips to museums to overnight stays in foreign countries. We recognise that it is essential all visits are carried out with the highest regard for the safety and welfare of the pupils involved.

Health and safety guidance

Newcastle City Council has responsibility for the health and safety of pupils, and clear guidelines exist for school staff to follow when trips are arranged.

In foundation schools and aided schools, the governors are the employers so they carry this health and safety responsibility. The city guidance has been sent to all these schools to support them in their planning of school trips.

What can we do to minimise risk on a school trip?

No visit is without risk, whether it is a family outing or a trip organised by a school.

All those involved in the organisation of school visits have a duty to ensure that all reasonable steps have been taken to minimise risk and maximise pupil and staff safety. Some visits may include potentially hazardous activities such as rock climbing or water-sports, but whatever the nature of the visit, it is essential that they are all carried out with the highest regard for the safety and welfare of the pupils, staff and any volunteers taking part.

What is an Outdoor Education Adviser?

Newcastle City Council has an Outdoor Education Adviser who monitors visits undertaken by schools, offers training for the role of Educational Visits Coordinator and for all staff involved in visits planning and delivery, gives advice and support to staff, deals with queries from parents and governors and generally works to develop safe and consistent practice in all schools in the city.

For more information please contact Marcus Tinsley, Educational Visits Coordinator

Queries regarding any aspect of school visit planning should, in the first instance, be addressed to the school.

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Further guidance

Please find links to external advice and guidance:

Department of Education guidance on health and safety for schools
Department of Education Supplement to health and safety of pupils on educational visits

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25 June 2012
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