Travel to schoolIt is your responsibility to ensure your child can get to school and back safely every day.  We want to encourage and support your child to develop their travel skills.

Help with the cost of travel to school

Use the links below to find out about eligibility for financial assistance through the local authority and how to apply

Pupils aged between 5 and 16 years can also apply for an Under 16 Pop card from Nexus which will allow them to travel at a concessionary child fare all day, every day. Without an under 16 Pop card, children are expected to pay the full adult fare or the commercial rate on public transport.

How will my child get to school?

You can plan out your child's route to school using the Nexus Journey Planner.

Please consider how your child will get to school before you apply for a school place, particularly if your preferred school is some distance from home. You are unlikely to be eligible for any help with the cost of the journey if it is not your closest school.

Sustainable methods of travel

  • Walking and cycling are both good for you and much better for the environment than using a car. It can help children keep fit and improve their independence. Children will have opportunities to meet and make friends. There will also be benefits for the local community through improved road safety, reduced traffic congestion and associated noise and air pollution.
  • Using the bus or metro is easy, cheap, reliable and safe.  Most pupils who travel to school will use normal buses however there are a small number of schools that are served by a scholar service. These additional services add extra capacity into the main network at peak times.
  • If you must drive, please try and car share with another parent and remember to drive and park safely. Imagine how much fun it would be not to have to make that journey on your own, but if you could share it with someone.
  • You can find out more about different modes of sustainable travel to school here.
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1 February 2015
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