An in year admission is when a parent wishes to apply for a place at a school not during the formal transition times (e.g. going into Reception for the first time, moving from a first school to a middle school, moving from a primary school to a secondary school or moving from a middle school to a high school). This is usually because the child is moving to a different address or is new to the country but it can be for other reasons as well. These moves usually take place during the academic year which is why they are referred to as “in year” admissions.

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This guidance aims to help parents and carers through the process of deciding which schools to apply for and making an application for an in year school place. Newcastle City Council co-ordinates the application process for all Newcastle state schools and academies and we aim to make the system as simple as possible.

Our guidance for in year places is split into three easy to follow sections

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25 July 2017
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