If the Admission Authority are unable to offer a place for your child at your preferred school, you are advised to contact the Families Information Service on 0191 278 7878 or email fis@newcastle.gov.uk to discuss alternative school places.

You have the right to appeal against the decision to refuse a school place. If you wish to submit an appeal, complete and return the appeal form to the School Admissions Team, Room 213, Civic Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8PU. 

If you are considering an appeal for a place in a reception, Year 1 or Year 2 class it is very important that you read the additional guidance relating to appeals for these year groups.

Please note that if your child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs, different arrangements apply. Please contact the Special Educational Needs Section or phone 0191 277 4650 for further information.

Your appeal will be heard by an independent Appeals Panel. The Clerk to the Panel will contact you with the date and time of the hearing and provide further guidance on the appeals process. If the date or time of the hearing is inconvenient then you should contact the Clerk immediately. You will be given at least 10 school days notice of the date (unless you agree to a shorter notice period).

You will be invited to attend the Appeals Panel in person to present your case. A representative from the Admission Authority will also be invited to attend to present their case to the Panel. You may bring a friend or a legal representative. It is not essential that you attend. The Panel can decide your appeal on the basis of the information you have provided on the appeal form. 

Before the hearing you will be sent a copy of the Admission Authority written statement that will include the reasons for the decision to refuse a place at the school. This will be the case that the Admission Authority will present to the Appeals Panel.
The order of the hearing is usually as follows:

  • The Chair will introduce the Panel and explain the procedure
  • The Admission Authority will present their case to the Panel
  • Questions to the Admission Authority from parent(s) and the Panel
  • The  parent will present their case to the Panel (or if you have chosen not to attend, the Panel will consider the information provided on the Appeal form)
  • Questions to the parent from the Admission Authority and the Panel
  • Summing up by the Admission Authority
  • Summing up by the parent (this means a summary of the main points made)

The Clerk to the Panel will inform you and the Admission Authority of the decision of the Appeals Panel, and their reasons for this. The decision of an Appeals Panel is binding on the Admission Authority

  • If the Panel decides that your child should be admitted, the Admission Authority must make a place available at the school.
  • If you feel that an appeal hearing has not been properly conducted, you can make a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman.
  • If your appeal is unsuccessful, a second appeal for the same school year group is only allowed if there is a significant change in circumstances (eg change of address).
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14 April 2013
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