Each ward in Newcastle has funding available for projects that benefit the local community. 

This page contains all the information you need to apply for Ward Committee funding:

Application deadline

Please note that applications for funding in 2017-2018 must be submitted by 1 December 2017.

How to apply for funding

  • Download the application form by clicking on the link below.

Click here to open the ward funding application form

Please Note: If you are applying on behalf of a public sector body such as the Police, NHS or a school please contact wardgrantaid@newcastle.gov.uk and ask for a copy of the public sector form.

Before filling in the form please consider the following points:

  1. Whether the ward(s) you are applying to have enough money to fund your request. Click here to see the budget allocation for each ward
  2. whether your project is eligible for funding.

To be eligible for Ward Committee funding applications must:

  • Be for projects which are primarily for the benefit of people in no more than four Newcastle Wards. Citywide projects or projects covering a large part of the city will not be considered.
  • Contribute to the delivery of the Council’s priorities and or any priorities agreed by the ward(s) you are applying to.
  • Be from a constituted community or voluntary group, public sector body or a not for private profit organisation. We cannot fund individuals or businesses
  • Not be for projects that campaign on matters of public policy or which seek to promote religious or party political activity.

For more information, view the guidance notes which can be found on the Ward Committee Funding web page.

Please refer to the Guidance Notes for more information.


Adam Taeger
Communities Officer
Communities Service
Room 34, Civic Centre
Barras Bridge
Newcastle upon Tyne
Phone: 0191 277 7523

Email: wardgrantaid@newcastle.gov.uk

Ward Budget Allocations

The table below shows how much money each ward has available to fund projects in the 2017-2018 financial year.

  Available to spend on new projects in 2017/18
Benwell and Scotswood £15,970.00
Blakelaw £12,400.00
Byker £17,890.00
Castle £6,370.00
Dene £4,480.00
Denton £10,900.00
East Gosforth £4,980.00
Elswick £18,770.00
Fawdon £11,650.00
Fenham £10,380.00
Kenton £14,155.00
Lemington £27,367.00
Newburn £9,120.00
North Heaton £5,820.00
North Jesmond £4,590.00
Ouseburn £10,210.00
Parklands £5,410.00
South Heaton £8,650.00
South Jesmond £5,970.00
Walker £20,820.00
Walkergate £9,390.00
West Gosforth £5,090.00
Westerhope £5,390.00
Westgate £14,594.00
Wingrove £11,290.00
Woolsington £12,530.00
totals £284,186.00

How is the budget allocation for each ward calculated?

The ward budgets consists of two elements. There is a total of £229,233 from general Council funds and also a sum of £33,710 from the Housing Revenue Account (Council house rents). The HRA money is divided between the wards in proportion to the number of Council homes in each ward. The money from the Council's general funds is allocated in accordance with the following formula:

10% of the total is evenly divided between the 26 wards

20% of the total is divided between the wards in proportion to the population of each ward

70% of the total is allocated between the wards on the basis of deprivation. Deprivation is measured using the English Indices of Deprivation which are national statistics produced by government. For more information about the Indices of Deprivation click here.

In addition to their annual funding allocations, some of the wards have additional funds that were carried forward from last year or which have been repaid, for example because a project they funded did not go ahead or did not need the full amount. In most cases these amounts are already committed and are not available to spend on new projects this year. Any additional amounts have only been included in the budget allocation shown above if  they are available to spend. 

Ward Priorities

As wards agree their priorities they will appear in the table below. Until ward priorities are agreed wards will consider any applications that contribute the the delivery of the Council's overall priorities. For more information about the Council's overall priorities click here

Benwell and Scotswood

  • Environment and beautification of the Ward
  • Supporting local services in the Ward


  • Activities for children and young people
  • Environment and green spaces
  • 'Getting Blakelaw working'
  • Fear of crime
  • Supporting isolated older people


Byker ward have identified the following priorities for ward committee funding:

  • Getting Byker Working – Increase the number of residents that are employed, tackling the barriers to gaining skills, training and employment.
  • Education – Make sure children are at school, achieving well, getting the right support and help to achieve their aspirations
  • Decent Neighbourhoods – Clean & tidy pathways and streets.
  • Investing in Children – Ensuring children have an opportunity to exercise their rights as young citizens living, learning and playing in Newcastle.  As active members of their community the views of children and young people should be taken seriously. 
  • Welfare – Support for people on low incomes and out of work, benefits advice and welfare support to help people with their daily lives and in seeking gainful employment.
  • Health and Wellbeing – Support initiatives to tackle health inequalities in the ward
  • Byker Old Town - The Ward Committee recognises that this neighbourhood in particular has missed out on investment programmes in the past As such the committee has made the case to the Council and other partners that this area in particular needs inward investment.


Ward priorities have not yet been agreed.


  • Environment
  • Community Networks
  • Wellbeing and Health


Denton ward have identified the following priorities for ward committee funding:

  • Activities for children and young people including places for children to play safely
  • Activities which provide opportunities for older people to develop and maintain social connections and offer mutual support and promote inter-generational activities and cooperation
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Local Environmental Quality – Particularly in regards to clean and tidy streets
  • Support and enhancement to local community buildings including West Denton Community Centre and West Denton Indoor Bowls.

East Gosforth

East Gosforth have identified the following priorities for ward committee funding:

  • Environment
  • Supporting community buildings
  • Maintaining parks and open spaces
  • Supporting local projects


  • Environment and beautification of the Ward
  • Regeneration of Elswick to include services, leisure and age-friendly housing
  • Opportunities for young people, including education, skills and jobs
  • Health and wellbeing, including developing a local health charter


Fawdon have identified the following priorities for ward committee grant funding:

  • Our communities: Support and help sustain our key community buildings – community centre(s), sports centre, libraries - and support groups in our communities that provide essential services and facilities, such as allotments. Promote self-help and volunteering. Help build and maintain a tolerant and cohesive community that respects diversity and different needs, including through events and programmes that bring people together. 
  • Environment: Tackle dog fouling, litter, maintenance of parks and public areas, fly-tipping and graffiti, with the help of the community, and do whatever may be feasible to minimise flood risk.    
  • Crime and anti-social behaviour: Work with the police, Your Homes Newcastle and the local community to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, including under-age and binge drinking. Action should focus on hot spots at key times.
  • Play, youth and leisure activities: Improve the provision of activities for our young people, and how information is promoted. Help build respect between generations and a recognition of different needs. Ensure that recreational facilities and spaces are available in a fair and balanced way between organised activities and informal community uses.
  • Roads, pavements, traffic: Within the limits of much-reduced available funding, repair the worst of poor roads and pavements in the ward; work with the police and with council officers to tackle irresponsible parking and speeding with particular consideration to the traffic on Kingston Park Road.
  • Housing: Continuing to support the widest possible mix of housing and the opportunities for people to find appropriate housing. Oversee construction and improvement work in a way that respects the needs and interests of the communities affected.
  • Information, advice and help: Improve the quality and effectiveness of information provision to local people on programmes and activities in our communities, on training and job opportunities, and on healthy lifestyles. Monitor and where necessary make representations about the responsiveness of council services.


  • Cleaner, greener, safer
  • Children's and young people's activities
  • Support for local groups
  • Health and wellbeing.


Kenton have identified the following priorities for ward committee grant funding:

  • Protect, improve and encourage use of public green spaces
  • Make Kenton a safe place to live
  • Increase recycling rates for domestic waste
  • Improve play and youth activities
  • Support local communities
  • Increase partnership working

The first four of these priorities are specific areas to be focused on, whereas the final two will run through each and every project undertaken by the council, partners and the community in Kenton.


Lemington ward have identified the following priorities for ward committee funding:

  • Making Lemington a nice, safe place to live and increase residents satisfaction with living here
  • Tackling inequalities – a fair deal for Lemington residents – focusing on health and social inclusion
  • Decent Neighbourhoods – Clean and tidy streets and open spaces
  • Children and young people – including childcare


 Newburn ward have identified the following priorities for ward committee funding:

  • Management and maintenance of Parks, public green spaces and planters - including grass cutting, tree maintenance, Hedgerow maintenance and more colour and vibrancy to brighten up the villages.
  • Access to grit in the winter months – to enable residents to grit key walkways and access points.
  • Tackling dog fouling – across the ward
  • Clarity around unadopted and adopted highway across all the villages
  • Clean & Tidy Streets  - this is a general issue across the ward
  • Increase Library usage as a community asset

North Heaton

North Heaton ward have identified the following priorities for ward committee funding:

  1. Environment
  • Clean and Tidy Streets
  • Good quality green spaces

2. Activities / Opportunities for Children and Young People

3. Community Safety

4. Health and Wellbeing/Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

5. Traffic and Parking

North Jesmond

  • Community engagement and communication
  • People's Behaviour and Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Clean Streets and Green Space
  • Quality Housing
  • Infrastructure


Ouseburn ward have identified the following priorities for ward committee funding:

Environment – People care about how Ouseburn looks

  • They would like to see a reduction in fly tipping and dumping in back lanes and clean and tidy streets that everyone can enjoy.
  • They want to see access to good quality green space and parks across the ward protected and improved including Heaton Park, City Stadium and Ouseburn valley.

Activities for Young People – People want to see positive activities for young people, to ensure they are not on the streets, and to help raise their confidence and skills to widen future opportunities.

Reduce Social Exclusion and Social Isolation – People want to ensure appropriate local services are available including for emerging new communities and older people. They also want to bring communities together to support each other to reduce isolation and combat loneliness.

Community Safety  - People would like to feel safe and see a reductions in incidents of Anti Social Behaviour and late Night noise.

Parking – People have highlighted that increased car ownership, high levels of multiple occupancy properties in some neighbourhoods and commuter parking due to proximity to City Centre have all increased pressure on parking within the ward.


  • The older estates on the ward have an aging population, but social provisions for them are limited. There has been growth in the numbers of children in the area, and rising standards at local schools, which put pressure on school places in some years, causing considerable concern to parents.
  • Highway schemes along the Great North Road which are altering the balance between cars, buses, bicycles and pedestrians have a significant impact on Parklands Residents as this is the most important route through the ward connecting them to shopping, schools and health facilities.
  • There are concerns about housing, and other developments endorsed by the One Core Strategy in and near the ward and their impacts on traffic and school places and impacts on trees, wildlife and the quality of the local environment.
  • Residents have repeatedly expressed concerns about their involvement in consultation processes and there is a need to ensure residents are informed and genuinely consulted (either in person or online) about issues affecting the ward before decisions are taken, improving the quality and effectiveness of information provision to them and linking them to what is happening in our communities
  • The quality of the local environmental services provision by the City Council including issues such as grass cutting, planting and litter. Residents are concerned about the appearance of the area, both as residents and because the Great North Road is an important gateway to the city

South Heaton

South Heaton have agreed the following priorities for ward committee funding

  • Working together to keep local streets and lanes clean and tidy
  • Supporting our local parks, open spaces, planters and in-bloom activities
  • Supporting all our communities across the Ward and across the age range
  • Celebrating: South Heaton’s great high streets, arts and culture scene

South Jesmond

  • Keep Jesmond Clean and Green (communal bins, litter picks, reporting fly tipping)
  • Keep Jesmond Safe and Healthy (students, ASB)
  • Keep Jesmond Moving (transport, parking, cycling)


Walker have identified the following priorities for ward committee grant funding:

  • Football
  • Sheltered Schemes
  • Walker Parks
  • Community Groups
  • Environment
  • Young People
  • Play Schemes
  • Administration and Contingency


Walkergate have identified the following priorities for funding from the ward committee budget:

  • Flooding - around Benfield Road, Jasmine Close and Courtfield Road
  • Speeding traffic and inconsiderate parking
  • Environmental quality - dog fouling and littering, especially around Benfield School and the park, encouraging more reporting.
  • Older residents - looking at the sheltered accommodation offer and how services can be adapted to meet changing community demands
  • Youth unemployment - to provide targeted help where needed
  • Better local shopping facilities - some local shopping areas are perceived to be in decline and it would be desirable to start to reverse this.

West Gosforth

Ward priorities have not yet been agreed.


Westerhope have identified the following priorities for funding for the ward committee budget:

  • Information and engagement with residents about developments, issues and activities in and around the ward. This might include development of a website, circulating information and holding meetings to discuss issues with residents.
  • Maintaining and improving the local environment. This might include promoting volunteering, providing training for volunteers, planting and beautification, purchasing equipment for volunteers to use or enforcement and education to combat littering, parking on verges and other issues that are detrimental to the local environment.
  • Supporting community buildings – The budget the ward receives for community buildings will be used to support CHADCA and Westerhope Community Association.


  • Clean
  • Safe
  • Green
  • Activities for children and young people


  • Clean and tidy streets
  • Continued development of young people's network and activities
  • Support for people on low income
  • Issues with private landlords


  • Support for young people who are not in education, employment or training
  • Adult education for all ages
  • Clean and tidy streets
  • Protect and enhance remaining green space
  • Alcohol education
  • Support and enhance local community buildings
  • Street lighting improvements
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19 September 2017
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