Litter Pick

Monthly Litter Pick in South Gosforth

Time: 28/09/2019
Thyme Square Cafe
Volunteers from Friends of South Gosforth.
More than 20 volunteers helped to make the Monthly Litter Pick a huge success in 2019 so far!
Every last Saturday in the month we are meeting up to join in the fun to make South Gosforth a better place!
Let's make the September Litter Pick even better!
We are meeting at 10 am in front of Thyme Square Cafe on Station Road. Equipment will be provided.
Our Equipment is from Newcastle City Council but the group is completely run by volunteers. Once we fill and store the bin bags temporarily under the tree opposite the Thyme Cafe we arrange pick up via EnviroCall which happens within a couple of days after the litter pick.
Bags from the last litter pick in August were collected within 2 days. We will publish the reference number for the next pick up and related EnviroCall phone number on our website in case you notice that the pick up got delayed by EnviroCall and you want to help to speed up the process.
When we first get together for the litter pick we have a quick chat to get to know our neighbours. During this time we can also better coordinate which streets should be targeted and who goes where. After we are happy and maybe have found new friends we will spread out.
We hope to see again lots of South Gosforth residents and surroundings to help to keep the area clean.
Please register to be kept informed about last minute changes regarding this litter pick and upcoming ones in the future. It also helps us to make sure that enough equipment will be provided and to know how many people need food or drink!
Thanks so much for your support!