National Consumer Week 2017 will be launched on the 27 November 2017 ('Cyber Monday'). The theme of this year's campaign will be issues with subscriptions and subscription traps. 

Subscription issues can include: signing up for a fixed term deal, trial, or promotion, and it not being made clear (or the consumer forgetting) that they will be auto- enrolled into ongoing payments. Consumers often sign up for subscriptions unwittingly, and can face problems cancelling future payments. Subscription traps are a more deliberately misleading practice, which usually involve the company involved using deceptive language and misleading terms and conditions. 

With traps, products are usually advertised as free samples, where the consumer is asked to pay for postage and packing. The consumer, will then, typically, find much larger amounts are routinely taken from their account, using the Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) which the consumer believed was only established to pay their postage and packing on the original item. Products with traps are often substandard (or don't turn up at all).    

To see more information about all the related issues in Newcastle go to our webpage:

Event Launch

To see a photograph of an event held on the 29 October 2016 in the Grainger Market, featuring Nicola Diston from Newcastle CAB and Councillor Nick Kemp, Cabinet Member for Regulatory Services go to Photo (pdf 489 kb).

For further information contact the Trading Standards Service, Public Safety, Regulation and Development, City of Newcastle upon Tyne, Civic Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8QH.
Phone: 0191 2116121

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21 November 2017
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