As a Cooperative Council, Newcastle aspires to ensure that services are delivered in cooperation with communities so that we can make informed choices about priorities and future service delivery.

Market Position Statements are the first step towards achieving this cooperative ideal in the commissioning of services. They are designed to help providers and the people who use services in the city to understand what is currently on offer, and also what the council thinks services might look like in the future.

We have committed to producing a range of Market Position Statements, each looking at different client groups and service models in the city. As they are produced and updated we will publish them here at the links below.

Market Position Statements

Social Care








For further information on our Public Health services, please visit our Public Health pages.

Service Quality Framework

Service directories

Below you can access information about many of the services we commission in relation to the market position statements above.

Inclusion services:

These lists are being developed and updated regularly. However, please note that the service directories represent a point in time and may be subject to change.

Social Care Services:

If you are looking for a social care service, you can search our care services directory below which details a range of care services available in the city.


Below are a list of provider protocols which offer important information to providers delivering services on behalf of the Council.

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1 June 2018
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