Social Value means getting the best outcome for people in the city from what we buy. This doesn’t just mean getting the cheapest price - although value for money is important - it also means taking into account the overall quality and legacy of what we buy.

Social Value Commitment

In 2015, the Council made a Commitment to getting the most Social Value out of every £1 that it spends. You can read the Commitment at the link below.

Social Value Commitment (Word, 379kb)

How Social Value is applied

Each time that we commission something externally we consider how Social Value can influence the commissioning and procurement opportunity. For example, we challenge ourselves and stakeholders to consider whether the service design, contract structure, evaluation questions, and/or KPIs can improve the value that the city gains from the contract.

We do this in a way that is proportionate to the size and nature of the opportunity, for example through stakeholder consultation and/or engagement, use of surveys, and desktop research.

This is not an 'add-on' to core business, it is part of what we do everyday and is embedded into the goods, works and services that we commission from the very start of the process.

You can read more about our Social Value Framework in our Commissioning and Procurement Plan.

How we are doing

We are developing a series of interactive dashboards to help us track how we are doing against each of our Social Value themes. As these dashboards are developed they will be published here for you to review the data.

Think, Buy, Support Newcastle

Further Reading

You can read about how the Social Value approach was tested and applied in the case study below, which was developed jointly with B2BNorth and the Cabinet Office as part of their Social Value Implementation and Measurement project.


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4 July 2018
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