This Commissioning and Procurement Plan sets out our direction of travel and provides guidance so that the benefits of the Council's external spending is maximised.

We recognise that effective commissioning and procurement is key to delivering our priorities. We have clear priorities to ensure that our efforts and resources are directed where they need to be to ensure the greatest impact.

Procurement decisions are considered from a social, economic and environmental perspective, to ensure fairness and a sustainable future for the city.

Commissioning and Procurement Plan


Improvement Plan

Commissioning Intentions

Our Commissioning Intentions sets out our most significant commissioning and procurement exercises that we intend to carry out, including when we anticipate beginning a commissioning conversation with the market. The document will be refreshed 6 monthly so that stakeholders can more easily plan for and engage in the very early stages of the commissioning design process.

Our Commissioning Intentions are derived from our wider Contract List (see section below) where you can see details of all existing contracts which we expect to come to an end for the next three years.  The information in the Contract List is only ever indicative, but gives a good sense of what is likely to be happening and when.

Contract List

The links below take you to a list of the Council's existing contracts that are due to expire over the next 3 years. You can search the list for expiring contracts, details of the current provider, and the indicative internal review date for each contract.

Awarded Contracts

You can view a live list of contracts that are out to advert or that have been awarded at any time by visiting the link to our NEPO contract register below. Simply select Newcastle City Council from the buyer list, and enter the dates you wish to look at online here.

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2 April 2019
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