A Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permit applies to premises with a Licensing Act 2003 on-premises alcohol licence that have a bar at which alcohol is served without the requirement that alcohol is served only with food. A pub, restaurant or hotel with a bar will be eligible to apply for this type of permit, but hotels and restaurants that serve alcohol only with food will not.

Section 282 of the Act provides an automatic entitlement to make available two gaming machines (of Categories C or D)  for use in alcohol licensed premises. To take advantage of this entitlement the Premises Licence Holder, under the Licensing Act 2003, must give notice to us of their intention to make gaming machines available for use, and must pay the prescribed fee.

Should an applicant wish to have more than this entitlement, an application for a Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permit must be submitted.  The Licensing Authority must consider the application based upon the licensing objectives, any guidance issued by the Gambling Commission under Section 25 of the Gambling Act 2005, and 'such matter' as they think relevant'. 'Such matters' will be decided on a case by case basis but generally there will be regard to protect children and vulnerable persons from being harmed or being exploited by gambling and will expect the applicant to satisfy the Licensing Authority that they will be sufficient measures to ensure that under 18 year olds do not have access to the adult only gaming machines.  

The codes of practice issued by the Gambling Commission must be complied with.


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5 November 2014
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