How do I find out if the Council owns a property or a piece of land?

The Land Terrier is part of the Property Systems Section within Property and Asset Management and is a register of the Council's land and property. Information is available for inspection by arrangement. There is no charge at present for this service.

Phone: 0191 211 5530, 0191 277 7035 or Email:

View a map showing current Newcastle City Council ownership (pdf, 4.6Mb)

Please note that the information contained in this map is subject to change. As such this facility does not negate the need to contact the office direct with any queries.

I have been told that the Council does not own the land, where can I go for further information?

The Durham District Land Registry has details of the owners of registered land and you may be able to search for details of ownership on-line. Alternatively you can contact them at: Land Registry Durham, (Southfield) Office, Southfield House, Southfield Way, Durham, DH1 5TR, Phone: 0191 301 3500 or

If the land is not registered at the Land Registry there are a number of large landowners in the Newcastle area. You could check with the following agents: University of Newcastle (Phone 0191 222 7171), University of Northumbria (Phone 0191 227 4070), Mary Magdalene and Holy Jesus Trust (Hindmarsh and Partners, Phone 0191 281 8777), Newcastle Primary Care Trust (Phone 0191 219 6000) and Duke of Northumberland Estates (Phone 01665 610 777).

I want to buy my Council House, what do I do?

Visit Your Homes Newcastle website for more information on how to buy your council house under the Right to Buy scheme.

Phone: 0191 278 7725
Address: YHN House, Benton Park Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE7 7LX.

How do I rent a garage from the Council?

If you wish to apply to rent a garage within the Newcastle area, please contact Industrial Section 0191 211 5529. To rent a garage within a Council Estate, please contact your local area housing office.

How do I rent an allotment plot from the Council?

For information and advice on finding an allotment and allotment gardening, go to our Allotment webpage or pick up our leaflet 'Allotments in Newcastle' from your local library or phone Mark Todd on 0191 2783094 , email:

How do I go about buying additional garden land adjacent to my property?

If there is land adjacent to your property you may be able to buy it through the council, whether or not you live in a former council property. For enquiries please contact Andrew Richards on 0191 277 8936 or email

Please note that you will need to state the reason you wish to purchase the land. Garden land comes with restrictive covenants against development, which must be removed. Building or extending on to garden land without removal of the restrictive covenants will usually come to light at the most awkward time possible - when you come to sell your home in the future.

I pay ground rent to the Council and the lease says I have to register any assignment. What do I do?

You or your Solicitor should, within 1 month of the assignment, send a copy of the assignment together with the appropriate registration fee, to the Head of Commercial Law, Legal Services, Civic Centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE99 2BN. This will enable your details to be amended on the Council's corporate property management records to prevent a billing being addressed to an incorrect address.

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1 May 2015
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